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For The 5th Time

This late afternoon, an early rainy and icy New York City evening, I finished my fifth reading of the aviation thriller "Flight For Control".
It came to no surprise once again that I had to wash my face off from a fresh tear especially after Jackie was reunited with Chris, and Kathryn wished him condolences on the loss of his father - an exact image he was. And the happy ending of Darby.
And yes, Karlene, you are very write and true to your words:

With each reading, getting better and better...!
Looking forward to many, many more reads..



Here's to a new year of new and endless opportunities, much success, and health to everyone!


(Taken at the NYC Tourism Bureau at Times Square)

A Holiday Card For You

Wishing each and everyone of your families a holiday filled with peace and happiness and a New Year filled with health and prosperity.

Ron Carlisle

It seems only yesterday that the holidays of 2011 were here and that the ending Saturday of that December was here.  I had finished my usual Sabbath observance when I called to return my mother's voicemail that was left.  I had a feeling that something was amiss as I saw that I had a Facebook notification from a family friend that I hadn't heard from in years.  (Thank God I didn't get the message then.)  My mother's three words "Dad passed away" have been echoing through my brain for the past year.
Captain Ron Carlisle was a person who I had the pleasure of sharing thirty-four years of my life with.  Even though I was unable to connect with him on certain levels, I was able to find areas to make those connections. 
He was born Ronald Gene Carlisle in Evansville, Indiana on August 7th, 1949 and was raised both there and in Kentucky where he enjoyed his summers on Kentucky Lake boating, fishing, and camping.  He graduated HS in 1967 and attended the University o…

Hanukkah 5773 (2012)

Religion is one of those taboo topics on the flight deck. However, this time of year, it is hard to keep back from exposing one's religious beliefs due to the festiveness of the season.  For those who are not religious and love the secular side of the celebrations, you will also not feel like a stranger.  The holidays of December are for everyone.
My background is that of a multi-denominational (to say the least) and multi-religious family so I have been exposed to many things in my lifetime and still being exposed to them.  Especially different communities and the way things are done differently.
The magic of it all, is that communities find a way to find a common ground to come together to celebrate each of their respective holidays.  Sometimes it's hard in some cases and unfortunately, it takes a loosing someone or a tragedy like Sandy Hook Elementary School to unfortunately bring families, if not communities, together.  We must remember, and perhaps the story of Hanukkah

Dear April

The first time I took my window seat in a Boeing 777, I was amazed at how the wing stretched all the way from my seat to heaven.
What amazed me the most was inflight how the wings flexed as we gained altitude and left the turbulence behind.
As we remember the loss of our loved ones, we should always remember the above and how we will always be connected to those we remember in heaven by our beloved 777's wings. Like angelic wings..
Not only connected, but flexing our wings to climb above our pain to only remembering how they impacted our lives in the most positive ways.
Most of all, the sun shining on the wing is like how we see how we are a reflection of them.
For that, they will always be a part of us...

Photo captured by Jeremy's Flight Deck Boeing 777 wing en route  ATL-JFK-NRT from my seat:

Fly It Forward

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty quiet however I did enjoy the company of two things:


These are just two of the things in my life that keep me going.  Not only those two things above, but the people in my life that have helped keep me going.  My friends.  Those people who have, currently do have, and will always have my back.  Not only that, those people who I feel like I can tell anything to.  We all need these people in our lives.  They are what I always call my "tailwind", the winds which travel along with an aircraft in its direction of travel, carrying it along quicker than expected to its destination.  It gives the aircraft what it needs, so that it can get the many people on board to that destination.
As people, we have this capacity not only to give to ourselves, but have the option to give the gift of giving to others.  "Pay It Forward" it is called.  But, we are aviators, so we shall call it "Fly It Forward", giving the gift of flight to other…

Thanksgiving 2012

Sometimes the question is asked why do we take one day out of the year to be thankful for everything we have in life?  Why shouldn't we show this level of gratitude every day?
Seven years ago, I learned that something so simple such as having a parent could be taken for granted.  Seven years ago, my late father who I will be writing about next month was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma on Thanksgiving.
It was and always will be a Thanksgiving that I will never forget.
Thanksgiving we give thanks to those things that exist.  Things that could be taken away from us within seconds.  NYC and New Jersey residents learned that lesson all too well and for most of us here, it still will be a Thanksgiving we will never forget as for a lot of us - everything was taken away.  All we have left to be thankful for is our physical bodies, our souls, and the air we breath.
For those of you flying passengers on this Thanksgiving Day, my Captain's hat goes off to you - as you never know who…

Eoin O'Callaghan

A place where some of my family used to call home.
It is also the hometown of someone I immediately struck a major chord with on Twitter a few months ago and have been friends with ever since. Through Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Skype, and other communications online, technology and social networking joined us together from across the globe to know each other on a greater scale - hitting many high notes through our dual passions for both aviation and classical music.
It is my honor and pleasure to welcome aboard  my flight deck, Eoin ("Owen") O'Callaghan!

Welcome, Eoin!

Jeremy: Please share which roles music come to play in your life?
Eoin: I am a full-time pianist, accompanist, church organist and all round good egg!
Mostly I teach piano in a small school of music in Kilkenny, Ireland. Once or twice a year I try to give some form of recital. I'd love to perform more often but teaching so much and travelling in between, it's not easy making time to pr…


"You Have The Dream, We Give It Wings" Academy of Aviation, LLC Farmingdale, NY 

A question was once posed that if I could have anyone over for dinner, who would it be?  My answer to that question was pretty tough as the possible answers would be endless.  Until I had a dream.  A dream that I was sitting with a group of pilots where I was able to share any of my exciting moments in aviation with...
Little did I know, that several months ago, Karlene Petitt, International ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) and acclaimed author of the aviation-thriller novel "Flight For Control" would place wings on this dream and let it soar to the highest flight levels of reality.
After winning a contest to not only receive five free copies of this literary masterpiece but also her flying my dream all the way here to New York City to deliver them to me personally, she was able to do this..

After careful consideration, I chose the five following people to receive a free copy of her autographe…