A Lot To Look Forward To

The forecast for NYC today and tomorrow is rain however that will not stop me from enjoying the weekend.

This week has been productive as I was able to get a venue for our "Flight For Celebration" event on November 10th, 2012 and things are moving a long nicely. The emotions are getting more and more excited; the seconds getting closer. I must admit, I am a little nervous as this is the first event my website is hosting, however, the name of the game is fun. And I am planning on having it along with our guests.

I will be hosting a few others at this lively event,  however, I have one extra seat for one more person and I really want to give that paid seat to someone who will be in NYC that weekend. And it could be you. Please click on the FFC CONTEST tab above for more information. And yes, you will get the chance to meet Karlene.

As for this weekend, it's time to bring the week in for a landing and recharge those batteries. And refuel the tanks. But one thing is for sure, my head will always be aimed into the skies and looking forward.


  1. I have a lot to look forward to too! You know, sometimes I think that's all people need to have hope. Hope for fun. Excitement. New job. New rating. Degree. As along as we always have something... we have a reason to keep going.

    Would you email me a guest post for the invite you're extending? I'll put it on my blog Monday! This is a great motivation.

  2. Karlene, yes - hope for something in itself is something to life for and after discussing with my co-captain we are planning something very special for you!!

    I wanted to clarify before I send something to you for your Monday motivation post - what should I include in the guest post? I will try and get this put ASAP! Thank you so much!!

    Getting even more excited!

    1. Hi Jeremy... just a little delayed in emails. It was tough to get on in Iowa City. Cedar Rapids... much easier. How about an invitation for what you're doing and where. I'll write the rest. Thanks!

    2. Karlene, I am glad that you finally made it safely to your destination. Enjoy your time there and hopefully we'll both get some rest. There is always hope for something! Still looking forward!

    3. Resting before the flight home and the crazy schedule begins. Until then...and always... enjoying this journey!


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