Fly by night...

If you ever wondered what Long Island looks like at night, I will show you. Last night was yet another adventure with two aviators who I am proud to call my aviation family in so many ways. 

The afternoon started out making my way to Woodmere, Long Island, NY..  Of course the 31s were in use at JFK and the final goes right over that beautiful residential neighborhood:

Then off to where I am based out of - Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island:

Our beloved flagship, N34HD, Cessna SkyHawk C712. To my co-captain flying this night it is known a his 744. To me, it is my 777-300ER. But to the both of us, it is our Dreamliner. The airplane that has helped, is helping, and will continue to help make our dreams come true.

The take off and climb out...

Rolling down Runway 32

Climbout of FRG (KFRG)

Sunrise Highway US 27


Southern State Parkway

A series of touch and go's...

Fire Island and Lighthouse

Crab Tree State Park and Bridge preparing to final for 32.

Last, but not least, the landing.... 

The person responsible for our incredible landing was the winner of this beautiful trophy and medal. 

Stay tuned as we will tell you more about this..

He will also be present to help greet and meet Karlene at the Flight For Celebration event next month. And so can you. Here's how. 

I hope you've enjoyed your flight. I will now remind myself, and feel free to take my advice, to always keep our heads up above the clouds, in the sunshine, and always in the sky. 



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