Life On Auto-Pilot

For the past month or so, life has been nothing but chaos. Work, one can only put into imagination, is the bulk of the stress but also even when I am not working and have my down time, I am stressing preparing for holidays and all that go with it.

I do have a day, however, where I sit back and go into auto-pilot mode. I let my life, the world, etc run itself "as is" and meditate my accomplishments despite the stress it took to get there.

Boeing's newest member to the family - the 787

We all need a day like this. If you can't afford a day, try even an hour. Pampering yourself from time to time is not called, "being lazy"; it's called, "keeping yourself (mentally) healthy."

Where ever in the world you are, have a pleasant, stress free, yet productive day. And don't forget to flex your wings.



  1. Oh... enjoy your day being lazy. You deserve it! No stress. No stress. :)
    Oh...and I got the perfect schedule for November!

    1. Yes, at 3:30 I will become lazy again and even with that, I will be off to the city to meet with our venue manager to plan menus and to confirm our reservation. I hope chocolate cheesecake will be on the menu and I'm also taking food requests! I do hope you like sangria...


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