The Perfect Storm

Life is never dull here on the flight deck and the east coast has been blessed with yet another hurricane to come our way. Not only a hurricane but also a Nor'easter to arrive at the same time.

So.. We are preparing our evacuation. I will be spending my time helping a group of developmentally disabled and special needs individuals weather out the storm hoping to have some fun in the process.

Once again, keeping positive spirits is the key. Always keeping your head in the sky. Above the stormy clouds and into the sunshine.

My thoughts go out to everyone not only the east coast, but also in the Pacific (Northwest) in regards to the earthquakes and tsunami paths.

Of course my travel buddy is coming along:


  1. Be safe Jeremy. They're calling this the Frankenstorm, and I hope it ends without incident.

    Be safe my friend and I'll see you soon!

  2. Thank you so much, Karlene! Right now I am waiting an watching. Winds are increasing and some forecasters are stating that its going back out to sea. I am hoping that it will have a positive outcome and that everyone will be safe. Thank you so much once again and we'll see you in a few days!!


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