Dear April

The first time I took my window seat in a Boeing 777, I was amazed at how the wing stretched all the way from my seat to heaven.

What amazed me the most was inflight how the wings flexed as we gained altitude and left the turbulence behind.

As we remember the loss of our loved ones, we should always remember the above and how we will always be connected to those we remember in heaven by our beloved 777's wings. Like angelic wings..

Not only connected, but flexing our wings to climb above our pain to only remembering how they impacted our lives in the most positive ways.

Most of all, the sun shining on the wing is like how we see how we are a reflection of them.

For that, they will always be a part of us...

Photo captured by Jeremy's Flight Deck
Boeing 777 wing en route 
ATL-JFK-NRT from my seat:


  1. This is so beautiful. Something to be spread across the world on wind of love. Thank you.

  2. Karlene, your words are so true. We need to spread the love and support all over. Thank you so much. Time for us to rest after a long week.


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