Enya - No Holly For Miss Quinn

In 48 hours, we will be hosting "Flight For Celebration" honoring Karlene Petitt, the author of the aviation thriller Flight For Control.  A lot of preparations have gone into this event.  As a result, I decided to take a break from it all and go to the piano.

"No Holly For Miss Quinn"
from the album 
"Shepherd Moons"

I hope you enjoyed it.

See you all Saturday night on our Twitter feed:


  1. I love Enya! This is so beautiful. I had no idea you could play. A man of so many talents. Gifted from the soul to the fingertips. You are amazing!!!

  2. Karlene thank you so much!! I had no idea you like Enya. Enya and I go back many moons ago.. My repertoire for the piano used to be much larger, especially on the classical scale, however I use Enya's music to keep up with what skills I have left.

  3. Jeremy... You played beautifully! Wow! And Enya is such a great singer. Nice taste. Enya is great! You play like a pro. :D

    1. Alex, thank you so much for your kind words.. I really appreciate them. I still have a long way to go on the piano, but your words are very encouraging for me to always be my best at what I do. For that, you are a pro!

    2. Oh thank you Jeremy. But you still have to teach me to play the cello... ;) XD And I'm serious. U.U


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