"You Have The Dream, We Give It Wings"
Academy of Aviation, LLC
Farmingdale, NY 

A question was once posed that if I could have anyone over for dinner, who would it be?  My answer to that question was pretty tough as the possible answers would be endless.  Until I had a dream.  A dream that I was sitting with a group of pilots where I was able to share any of my exciting moments in aviation with...

Little did I know, that several months ago, Karlene Petitt, International ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) and acclaimed author of the aviation-thriller novel "Flight For Control" would place wings on this dream and let it soar to the highest flight levels of reality.

After winning a contest to not only receive five free copies of this literary masterpiece but also her flying my dream all the way here to New York City to deliver them to me personally, she was able to do this..

After careful consideration, I chose the five following people to receive a free copy of her autographed novel:

Robert Keleti
Natan Hoffmann
Evan Kisseloff
Chaim "Foy" Feierman
Yossi Magalnic

To my surprise, I also received a free book - an awesome one I might add!

As a result, I wanted to do everything I possibly could to make her five hour trip out here an adventure..

Weeks, if not months, of planning went into effect and thanks to Natan Hoffmann, things rolled out pretty nicely.

Alex Wood

November 1st - 10th


of a lifetime

The event was a night that I, along with many others, did not want to end.

 Broadcasting Live With Us From
Our Partner Site In Brasil

Alexander Wood

 Alex is responsible for the many awesome graphics that were provided for this event.  I can't thank him enough also for helping to broadcast the event over Twitter amongst many other things he has done in support of this website.

  Provided by M & V Limousine
Commack, NY

Sponsored by:
Natan Hoffmann

 On our way to pick up our guests.  I did rest assure Karlene that there would be enough room for everyone coming along!  (And yes.. Alex did come along with us in the limo via Skype!)
Photo compliments of Natan Hoffmann

Natan and I prepped the limo with great music, tasty beverages, and soaring spirits.  
A flight deck fit only for the best pilots.

Photos compliments of Natan Hoffmann


The Food?
Provided by:
Sushi Tokyo - Lawrence, NY

Sponsored by:


Thank you to Sushi Tokyo for the beautiful platters.  Especially the airplane shaped one!

Flight For Celebration Commemorative Sushi Platter (photo compliments of Cecilie Larsen)

Photo compliments of Natan Hoffmann

 Bon Appétit!
Photo by Jeremy's Flight Deck

Say, "Cheese!"

During the course of the evening, we shared various stories about our aviation and flying experiences.  I, and several members of the extended guests and their families, conducted a brief interview about how "Flight For Control" came into existence and where we will be headed for the future.  I also relayed the story of how most of us came together.  The dots were connected.. Just like magic....

Here comes the...

Provided by 
Sponsored by:
Natan Hoffmann

Do You Believe In Magic?
Let The Pictures Do The Talking

It's all fun and games now..

Pick a card, any card..

Let's see which card you picked which I can now locate for you without looking.

Asking Cecilie to pick a book..

Cecilie - pick a page and point to it!

Writing that page number down..

Eyal with the page number..

Let's open that same book back up to see if the page you pointed to is ripped out and placed somewhere else!

Magic makes a lot of cents and Robert definitely proved that point quite well!

Two outstanding pilots who have equiped my dreams with wings and enabling them to fly to reality...

Robert, my flight instructor, with Karlene

You never know how even just one person could make a difference in your life.. Imagine more than one..  That night, we had many.  Not only many people that make the difference in others' lives, but also the abundance of good times, and memories. 

Counter-clockwise from top: Jeremy Carlisle, Natan Hoffmann, Yossi Magalnic, Robert Keleti, Eyal Baruth, Karlene Petitt, Cecilie Larsen & Molly McGoldrick


I am proud to call myself an aviator, a teacher, and a writer.  Mostly, I am proud to call you a dear friend.

Thank you for your time, your talent, and everything that you have willingly given of yourself not only me, but to the world.  You made the world for many people who attended Saturday night.

We are forever greatful..

Let's get together again... Real Soon!


  1. Jeremy, I had such a great time. Thank you so much. This is a beautiful post. I am so honored to know you and spend some time with you and your friends. You are the best and the world is a better place with you in it. Thank you!!!

    1. Karlene, your words are a reflection of yourself. That's what made everything so special. What is also special is the hard work and dedication you have put towards your family preparing for the holidays especially with your kitchen. The photos of the finished product is the blog post I'm waiting to see! Also to see it in person one day..

  2. Jeremy! Thanks for having me and my cousin! It was an awesome evening! Great food, great company, great limo and great magic :) I couldn't have asked for more! Once again, thank you!

    1. Cecilie, it was truly an honor meeting you after all this time and meeting your cousin. It was our pleasure having you and are glad that you enjoyed the magic show. I wish you all were there for the sample show he did for Natan and the Thursday night before as well. So many amazing things he does.. We definitely need to have a Europe party! Beer, chocolate, and many other things!

  3. Lovely post, Jeremy. You all have such positive energy and so much gratitude for life. It was a pleasure to meet you and to be a part of this evening!

    1. Thank you so much, Molly! Likewise, it was a pleasure to meet and connect with you. Indeed - positive energy is a must in this world as for many of us it is the only thing we have left to survive on. Positive friends are such a blessing in this world... Have a great weekend!!

  4. What a special night this was! I met so many wonderful new great friends and I am honored to have gotten to know you all a little bit. Special thanks to Jeremy aka Jery for making this a memorable night and for putting such an amazing fun filled night together. Also, to Karlene, Cecillie, and Molly for coming to Long Island from all over the globe to come take part in this lovely evening event. And, although he was not "physically" here with us, a big thank you and round of applause to Alex Wood, who's work for Flight For Control Events has been recognized and for that we are grateful. Yay Alex!!!! Finally, last but not least, I would like to say that it has been my pleasure to meet all of you special people, and although I may have drank a little too much "no I don't believe in the porcelain god", I do and will remember this lovely event. I hope you found me to be an awesome funny pilot lol!!! That was my goal, but really I found you all to be wonderful human beings and amazing people. God bless you all and until next time, Shalom Chaveirim, which means Peace to all my friends,
    Captain N. Hoffmann

    1. Natan, thank you once again for helping me put this event together. Not only you, your family included.. I am very happy to hear that you met some great people and great people they are. Even though we splurged a bit on everyone, and for good reason, there is one lesson I definitely took from the whole evening: friendship is priceless..


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