Fly It Forward

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty quiet however I did enjoy the company of two things:


These are just two of the things in my life that keep me going.  Not only those two things above, but the people in my life that have helped keep me going.  My friends.  Those people who have, currently do have, and will always have my back.  Not only that, those people who I feel like I can tell anything to.  We all need these people in our lives.  They are what I always call my "tailwind", the winds which travel along with an aircraft in its direction of travel, carrying it along quicker than expected to its destination.  It gives the aircraft what it needs, so that it can get the many people on board to that destination.

As people, we have this capacity not only to give to ourselves, but have the option to give the gift of giving to others.  "Pay It Forward" it is called.  But, we are aviators, so we shall call it "Fly It Forward", giving the gift of flight to others so that they can do the same to create a chain reaction that will make an impact on our industry.

One such person has told her story on Photobucket, and we share this story with you on the right hand side of this website.  Please click on the photos of "Fly It Forward" and let Karlene tell her story about how she came to fly and how she combated the headwinds, those people who told her she couldn't fly.  Not only let her story fly, but click "Like" on the top right hand corner.  By doing this, you will give back to her, but also give the gift of giving to so many others wanting to take to the skies.  Especially those attending the up and coming 24th Annual International Women In Aviation Conference held at the Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN next March, 2013.


What you can do to make the difference, to add tailwinds to a person's life, well, the possibilities are endless..



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