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Just when life gets too comfortable, forces beyond out of our control counteract to shake things up a bit.  And they did Sunday evening, October 28th, 2012.  What churned in the Atlantic as a hurricane, turned up on the shores of NY and NJ as a super-storm, or as many people here and on the news called it, "Frankenstorm"


As for me, I evacuated with work to a site in Brooklyn.  Friends evacuated out of state and some stayed at home.  Whatever the case, this storm left people without a home, cars, power, water, not to mention other necessities - like, a job.

Being thankful for what we have in life, those things that we take for granted is something that is hard to come by these days.  It unfortunately took an event like this to show us that it is a necessity to be thankful for those things that we take for granted.

I will now allow the photojournalism take control of this post.

Buckle your seat belts and brace for impact.

The painting in the hostel where we evacuated to.  Reminds me of a place where I'd rather be than where we were actually stayed.

Settling in with my travel buddies...  Something to help me weather out the storm.  "Flight For Control" and my writing course that I am taking so that I can provide you with better and more enhanced literature to read.. but then... pictures are worth a 1,000 words.

(You'll See Why I Call It That)

My Lucky Uniform Shirt
Stays in my travel bag - this time was no exception as I didn't want to risk it perishing in the storm.

Neither did I want this perishing either.



 The wind and rain increased...

As the wind and rain increased, so did the ceiling leak in our "original" room.

So... We had to switch to another room (which wasn't that bad actually...)


Then a about five minutes after these photos were taken, a hotel attendant came in and told us that after entering the room we had to evacuate to another room because we "weren't supposed to be in here" as my agency paid for only for a standard double room.

By this point, after the storm really started, I imagined a small child riding a toy tricycle coming around the corner...


Our replacement room with a view...

The daily (instant) coffee that was served for breakfast in this hotel was absolutely abhorrent however, I was subjected to it.  A co-worker of mine, may G-d give him an infinite abundance of blessing, went out amidst the storm to find the only Dunkin Donuts open in Brooklyn at the time.  He got us some Joe...

To go along with this coffee, a good book was necessary.  One that would really help me weather out the storm..

After I had my morning coffee and read, I was informed that the leak in our original room had been fixed and we were told to relocate from the 2nd replacement room back to the room we first started out with.  

And that's why we call it THE "ORIGINAL" ROOM.

I wasn't really that upset because in life - things could always get worse.  And it did for many people til this very day, who lost everything...


The storm itself was like every other major hurricane - an 8 hour abundance of tornado with a lot of rain.  Having been through hurricanes and tornadoes before out in my native Indiana, I am really not scared.  However something did scare me - this annoying loud siren that sounded on my iPhone (4S) with the following screen:



Dear Sandy, You may tear our flag, but you will never be able to shred it.

My view the next morning after the storm had passed.  All looked ok from there.


Going back out to the island (Long Island) was ok.  But I could tell that the Rockaways, Atlantic Beach, and Long Beach were hit hard.  I learned from this past Sunday first hand just how hard Long Beach was hit.  My most intense and sincere prayers and those of whom support this website go out to each and every resident who lost everything in this storm.


My house, thank God, was not affected, and no loss of power.


My thoughts go out to those who lost their deck patio..

And their boat..

Subsided waters for parts of the Rockaways..

After the storm, I joined the Rockaway Citizens Safety Patrol, an organization headed by a friend of mine who was happy and always will be happy for anyone to come and patrol the Rockaways of any crimes, especially those due to the recent storms.  On my watch, we did hit a suspicious person, however, during my shift, another patrol group did capture someone looting a persons house - awesome job!  Keep up the great work!



Grant Park - Hewlett

Sidewalk being blocked along Broadway in Hewlett

Not even a foot away - uprooted

This intersection in Cedarhurst is an accident waiting to happen even when the lights are working.  Power out for days here and no one to direct traffic.  I must say everyone did well despite these facts.

Then darkness settled in over the 5-Towns.. Power out.. Street Lights out.  The sounds of generators filled the neighborhood...  

It wasn't for long that the shortage of gas started and started the long lines for gas stations.  Total anarchy.  The worst of humankind came out of the woodwork - you have no idea...

Only two restaurants were open in town and everyone in the whole town was in them.  Only if you could image...  (The best came out of humankind, though - My kudos go out to the rescue kitchens in the area who made the effort to provide food, showers, a warm place to sleep, and other emergency supplies.)

Throughout the weeks ahead.. people without power, water, homes, and still no gas for cars or electricity.  

 And if Sandy wasn't enough, we had a Nor'Easter that came through a few days later...

Thank you to those of you who helped many people gained their necessities back.  A special thank you to the French Canadians working for National Grid - because of you, a lot of Woodmere and Cedarhurst regained power.

Thank you to those who came to check up on me....

I personally witnessed a family that hosted five families in their home.  Not only did they host these five families and helped them regain their footage, but they also were the ones who hosted our event last Saturday night.  I can not even begin to tell you how they have made me proud to be the person I have become and currently am today.  Their hosting of these families, and our event, was a shining example of that.  Also, many kudos to everyone who helped make the lives of those who lost so much in this storm.  Your efforts will surely not go unnoticed..

You are not only their wingflex and tailwinds, 
but also mine....

Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij



  1. Jeremy, this is amazing tribute and journey through the hurricane. The worst of people and the best. I am so honored to have met those wonderful people who hosted 5 families in their home...and hosted our event. A beautiful family filled with love, and kindness to share.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I am also glad the sun came out and warmed everyone on Veterans Day.

  2. Karlene, thank you so much for your ever so kind words. I too, was also happy that the sun came out and shined over everything here on Veteran's Day. I am so happy that you met the family that I have come close to because of one talented and special individual. Kindness and love, indeed...


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