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For The 5th Time

This late afternoon, an early rainy and icy New York City evening, I finished my fifth reading of the aviation thriller "Flight For Control".
It came to no surprise once again that I had to wash my face off from a fresh tear especially after Jackie was reunited with Chris, and Kathryn wished him condolences on the loss of his father - an exact image he was. And the happy ending of Darby.
And yes, Karlene, you are very write and true to your words:

With each reading, getting better and better...!
Looking forward to many, many more reads..



Here's to a new year of new and endless opportunities, much success, and health to everyone!


(Taken at the NYC Tourism Bureau at Times Square)

A Holiday Card For You

Wishing each and everyone of your families a holiday filled with peace and happiness and a New Year filled with health and prosperity.

Ron Carlisle

It seems only yesterday that the holidays of 2011 were here and that the ending Saturday of that December was here.  I had finished my usual Sabbath observance when I called to return my mother's voicemail that was left.  I had a feeling that something was amiss as I saw that I had a Facebook notification from a family friend that I hadn't heard from in years.  (Thank God I didn't get the message then.)  My mother's three words "Dad passed away" have been echoing through my brain for the past year.
Captain Ron Carlisle was a person who I had the pleasure of sharing thirty-four years of my life with.  Even though I was unable to connect with him on certain levels, I was able to find areas to make those connections. 
He was born Ronald Gene Carlisle in Evansville, Indiana on August 7th, 1949 and was raised both there and in Kentucky where he enjoyed his summers on Kentucky Lake boating, fishing, and camping.  He graduated HS in 1967 and attended the University o…

Hanukkah 5773 (2012)

Religion is one of those taboo topics on the flight deck. However, this time of year, it is hard to keep back from exposing one's religious beliefs due to the festiveness of the season.  For those who are not religious and love the secular side of the celebrations, you will also not feel like a stranger.  The holidays of December are for everyone.
My background is that of a multi-denominational (to say the least) and multi-religious family so I have been exposed to many things in my lifetime and still being exposed to them.  Especially different communities and the way things are done differently.
The magic of it all, is that communities find a way to find a common ground to come together to celebrate each of their respective holidays.  Sometimes it's hard in some cases and unfortunately, it takes a loosing someone or a tragedy like Sandy Hook Elementary School to unfortunately bring families, if not communities, together.  We must remember, and perhaps the story of Hanukkah