For The 5th Time

This late afternoon, an early rainy and icy New York City evening, I finished my fifth reading of the aviation thriller "Flight For Control".

It came to no surprise once again that I had to wash my face off from a fresh tear especially after Jackie was reunited with Chris, and Kathryn wished him condolences on the loss of his father - an exact image he was. And the happy ending of Darby.

And yes, Karlene, you are very write and true to your words:

With each reading, getting better and better...!

Looking forward to many, many more reads..



  1. Jeremy, today I awoke at 4 am and wrote all day long. I have 9 chapters to finish book two. These 9 pages are full rewrites. I'm changing the ending. The others were editing. I'm hoping to have the next level of edits in Mr. P's hand by New Year's Day. So exciting!!!
    And... If I run into questions where I forget key points from book one, I'll know who to call. :)


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