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Hanukkah 5773 (2012)

Religion is one of those taboo topics on the flight deck. However, this time of year, it is hard to keep back from exposing one's religious beliefs due to the festiveness of the season.  For those who are not religious and love the secular side of the celebrations, you will also not feel like a stranger.  The holidays of December are for everyone.

My background is that of a multi-denominational (to say the least) and multi-religious family so I have been exposed to many things in my lifetime and still being exposed to them.  Especially different communities and the way things are done differently.

The magic of it all, is that communities find a way to find a common ground to come together to celebrate each of their respective holidays.  Sometimes it's hard in some cases and unfortunately, it takes a loosing someone or a tragedy like Sandy Hook Elementary School to unfortunately bring families, if not communities, together.  We must remember, and perhaps the story of Hanukkah will teach everyone, a lesson: tragic times bring opposite outcomes.  

We don't understand why things happen.  They do.  And they are for the best.  It's hard but we must accept it.  That is how we commemorate the memory of those lost.  And yes, I lost someone dear to me who I will be writing about in a few days.  I felt so unworthy of myself after hearing the news events during the remembrance of my father because I had a chance to say goodbye to him.  The parents and loved ones of the teachers and students at Sandy Hook Elementary did not.

In Jewish and many other traditions, the light of a candle represents a person's soul.  This is used as a vestibule in keeping a person's memory alive.  I will now shed my light out amidst all of the events to give comfort and piece of mind to everyone: there is joy even in times of sadness.

A game played during Hanukkah

Removable gel decorations for the windows.  This is more of a recent invention for Hanukkah.

My Menorah at Home

Night #3

4th Night
(Unfortunately I should've waited until 12:12 to snap the shot.)

Last Night (8th Night) 
Dad's Memorial Candle Still Going
(He passed away last year on the Sabbath during Hanukkah.  This year is the first year anniversary which I will be writing about next week.)

Hanukkah Party (5th Night)
by some friends
and yes.. Princess had latkes too.

Even though it is customary to use olive oil to light the flames with, some choose candles over oil.  Both are valid methods of lighting the menorah.

Traditional Foods

Yes, I had my fare share of latkes this year and being that I detest jelly doughnuts, I'll settle for a little red velvet and peppermint and/or cream cheese drizzle.  An extra large mint hot chocolate to go with...

The Gifts
 Yes.... After a huge fight between the Boeing Store and UPS they finally arrived:

The key chain not only to the world's most awesome airplane, but also to success (along with hard work.)

A jacket fit for a 777/87 Pilot
less alone a Cessna

This also came in the mail during Hanukkah.  Some reading before Flight For Safety comes out.  Always supporting outstanding authors.

I started these photos out with a dreidel and will end with it. 


The Hebrew letters (right to left) Nun and Gimmel.  They stand for "Ness Gadol" (A great miracle)

Even though our lives spin out of control, we will never know how they will land.  And on which letter or note.  But we have to know that miracles do happen.  Just like the story of Hanukkah.  And that even though tragedy hits during our lifetimes, we must accept it.  For that, the souls of our missing loved ones will soar with wings of angels to the highest levels in the heavens above.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!
(more to come)



  1. Jeremy, Such a beautiful post! I loved your gifts, your choice of food, and the candles. The lighting of a candle represents a person's soul...I did not know that.
    I'm wishing you the blessings of this beautiful time of year, and the memories that we hold of those who have found their wings.

  2. Karlene, thank you so much! Indeed we all should hold on to those who have been attached to those wings of angels. You and your family should also have all the blessings of health, success, and happiness throughout the year and beyond. Happy Holidays!


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