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Back Up Plan: Simplicity

When life gets too chaotic, it's best to have back up plans in case some plans, don't come into fruition.  When I do plan things I try to keep them simple as if I do have to change them, less work will be involved.  So as this... I am keeping my questions quite simple.  Absurdly simple...

Last week's Question "Sleepless In Seattle"
Above what altitude will the 777 Air Conditioning System Provide the ventilation into MDCR Main Deck Crew Rest Area once airborne?

Someone is our lucky guesser and winner!

25,000 and above!

Speaking of Back (Up)..

Our Triple Seven Trivia Question for Tuesday,  January 29, 2013  

(One of my favorite aircraft parts...)

Do the rudder pedals move when the rudder is being trimmed?
A) Yes
B) No

Answer and another curveball next week!

Pilots 'N Paws

Our Monday Mention:

Sometimes a past memory takes off in my head through anything.  It could be looking at an item in a store or hearing something on the radio.  Well, it was an article provided by Michigan based M-Live such as the one I read a couple of weeks ago about Whitney, a deaf Dalmatian who was flown, or was the First Officer to arrive to her new owners in Bay City, Michigan via a service called 

A service where not only birds and humans fly, but also our felines, canines and everything between.  The Noah's Ark of our time.  Except it's not sailing on flood waters, only the heavens above.
Pilots 'N Paws is a 501c3 non-profit organization volunteer service for which pilots rescue animals in danger, from kill shelters and transport them nationally to safety services such as foster families or rescue shelters.  On their blog, they have their online discussion boards, atmospheres created for those wish to coordinate and/or provide their planes and their services.

From the…


The keys to success are within you.  Persistence, determination, and the will to do anything will give you the power to take off towards that dream.

January 25, 2013

One down; one to go..

Have a great weekend.


If you've ever heard of the phrase, "One man's trash is another man's treasure", these young students from Paraguay will put this into a whole new perspective for you.  As I am helping a dear friend work on a project, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a new movie that is coming out by linking to you the following trailer:
It is about young musicians in Paraguay who have taken what the world has dumped on them - garbage, YES GARBAGE and have taken to recycle it making what one would never imagine: musical instruments.
  What was made out of it?  
An orchestra.
I must say that as a cellist and an orchestra/classical bassist throughout my youth and into university, I found this video and concept to be suffice to say, most amazing.

Have a look:

These brilliant individuals can be followed by clicking "LIKE" on their FACEBOOK page.
Taking the world from its depths to a whole new flight level... through music

Many Good Things...

So many new things are on the horizon outside the flight deck window so it's time to touch base with everyone amidst the choas of my own life offline to give some acknowledgment, announcement, and thanks to a few people and things.
Firstly I would like to thank Alex Wood, our Chief Graphics Designer and Flight To Success partner at Aviation Center for creating the most vivid and awesome visuals for The Weekly Triple Trivia Column (Every Tuesday Morning):

He also created the a most awesome book trailor for Our Chief Content Advisor Karlene Petitt's novel "Flight For Control"

One of the things about networking is learning about and meeting the most interesting new people.  I first came across Captain Eric Auxier known by his alias as "CAP'N AUX"  When I visited his website, I was most impressed and amazed by what he has to offer the world.  Having visited Flight to Success a few days ago, I learned that Cap'n Aux came out with a new novel…

Sleepless In Seattle..

Our Triple (Seven) Trivia Question from January 15th:
Which switches are set to activate CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) radar on the navigation display and when will this display CAT?
ANSWER: Karlene is our winner!  The fact is CAT can not be displayed on the navigational panel.  (I really meant to word the question differently, so points will be given regardless of answers.)  The only way there can be a display of turbulence is if there is precipitation present and both the WX RADAR and TURB DET knobs are selected.


As we all know crew rest is essential especially if you are flying a 777 long or ultra-long haul.  The difference between flying a 777 in real life versus Microsoft Flight Simulator is that for the simulator pilot, you have a bed sitting right next to you once you are on A/P.  For the pilot carrying hundreds of souls, the only thing to rely on is a small rest area within the plane where there is no escape to the the comfort of the pilots'…


Flight deck operations between the pilot and co-pilot can get quite dicey.  With the right ingredients, the atmospheric pressure of flight deck tensions between the two persons would have to be chopped with a butcher's knife.  What is the key secret ingrediant of a successful flight deck?  
Communication & Teamwork
Just like a successful flight deck, a successful friendship also includes excessive amount of communication and teamwork to be successful.  For this, friends will be able to raise each others' levels of potential in life and help each other achieve what their purposes are in this world. 
With these words I will leave you with our 
FRIDAY FOTO for  January 18th, 2013

Have a great weekend everyone!


When everything seems..

To be going against you remember this:

An airplane takes off going against the wind,

not with it...
Stay strong...

Clear As Crystal

So last week was the following question:

Should conditions warrant exterior surface anti-icing protection, which specific windows in the Boeing 777 flight deck will activate with this protection?


The two most important windows for both the commanding officer and the second:


And now on a more technical level..  (Time to throw a curveball)

Clear Air Turbulence (CAT, not to be confused with "Category") is down right difficult for the naked eye (of a pilot) to detect. To the 777 , special radar for this is in place by selecting two switches.


Which switches activate this radar and when will the CAT radar appear on the Navigation Display?

Stay tuned for our answer next week!



This week I have been reflecting on where I stand in my aeronautical education and how I am going to get where I want and need to be.  The many fences I will be climbing to get there.  It's all about overcoming the hurdles, and there are many of them.  $eriously.
Have a battle plan.  Not only a battle plan but many back up battle plans.  
Keep in mind you will always have a fence to climb to achieve that dream but my thought to you is: if you are going to have to climb over that fence, do it with all of your might.  And do it with style..

It might take you a while, but you will get there.  A true testament of you who are and what you will become:


For these words, I leave you our Friday Foto for the week.

Have a great weekend, everyone..


In Plane Sight


Last week's question:

What is the tail height of a 777 and what factors depend on it?
Even though it was not my intention to pose a trick question, this one actually has a few answers.  So even if you thought and/or solely answered 61 feet (18.5m) I will still give you all the points. ;-)

But as Karlene answered/mentioned, different models of the T7 family have different tail heights:

777-200 & -200ER60ft 9in (18.5m)

200-LR/LRF61ft 1in (18.6m)
777-300(ER)60ft 8in (18.5m)

Meet Echo-Charlie-Delta a.k.a. "CARMEL"

Now...... the factors:

The height of these tails mainly depend on several factors however the main ones are the weights, pressures, and load factors applied to the aircraft.
Having received many good responses from fellow aviators away from this post about balancing tail height withwingspan as a factor, that could be a possibility however, both the 777-200LR and -300ER have the wingspan of 212 ft 7 in (64.8 m), yet the -200LR has a tail height of 6…


Would you like that super-sized?

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend, everyone...

Heads or Tails?


Happy New Year 2013 Everyone! and welcome to our debut post of


Being that today is the beginning of a new year, "the head" so to speak, I thought I'd start us off with one of the first things I look at on a 777 besides the enormous engines and massive wingspan: the tail.

So our Triple Trivia question of the week is this....

What is the tail height of a 777 and what factors depend on it?

The answer and following question coming next Tuesday!
From our crew, wishing you all a prosperous, healthy, and joyous 2013!