This week I have been reflecting on where I stand in my aeronautical education and how I am going to get where I want and need to be.  The many fences I will be climbing to get there.  It's all about overcoming the hurdles, and there are many of them.  $eriously.

Have a battle plan.  Not only a battle plan but many back up battle plans.  

Keep in mind you will always have a fence to climb to achieve that dream but my thought to you is: if you are going to have to climb over that fence, do it with all of your might.  And do it with style..

It might take you a while, but you will get there.  A true testament of you who are and what you will become:


For these words, I leave you our Friday Foto for the week.

Captured with my iPhone during my JFK visit yesterday (Great quality - no?)  Only if I was over the fence..

Have a great weekend, everyone..



  1. HI Jeremy, Funny thing that I was sitting at my desk, editing. Thought of you. Wrote you a quick, hello, and then this popped on my screen. Amazing. Your message crossed the US virtual waves.

    Remind me to tell you how I climbed the wall. Yes... do it with style!

    1. Karlene, absolutely. I need a pep talk from those who have climbed the fence. Thank you so much for the hello. I meant, means, and will always mean a lot. Life, as always, has been crazy..

  2. Jeremy, you wrote this post with style... It took me years and years to finally make a sketch of my route to where I want to be. If somebody is reading my comment now, please have in mind that nothing in life happens on the way we want... My route is just as flexible as a B787 wing. It will flex until the very limit is reached sometimes, because us, future aviators, will face challenges and decision making will be as much as required in a cockpit or even more. In the end we will earn what we have been fighting for a long time, but it depends on each person. It's life's rule. A degree is fantastic (to those who have an open mind), a knowledge from the flight academy is always necessary, but your future depends on YOU. YOU are the one who is going to study, explore, discover, think, decide, fly, put your skills in to practice, develop more skills, become proficient and always know what you are doing and what you are flying. It's YOU. It's just there, but you will build it in your way with your decisions and choices...Never give up... Only if I was over the fence... ;)

    1. Alex, from your keyboard to everyone's eyes. There are many people who expect everything to be handed to them. Aviation is a true testament and example that even those who have had everything handed to them, will not have the same thing happen in a plane. Everything in aviation is hard work and struggles not only with the training itself but obtaining necessary medicals, certifications, and licenses. Thank you so much for your words.

    2. Yes... Many pilots have illusions. =/


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