Heads or Tails?


Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!
and welcome to our
debut post of


Being that today is the beginning of a new year, "the head" so to speak, I thought I'd start us off with one of the first things I look at on a 777 besides the enormous engines and massive wingspan: the tail.

So our Triple Trivia question of the week is this....


What is the tail height of a 777 and what factors depend on it?

The answer and following question coming next Tuesday!

From our crew, wishing you all a prosperous, healthy, and joyous 2013!



  1. I'm going to say 60'8" to 61' and the height varies on how much air-pressure in the tires? Hahah. Okay... how about model. The freighter has the tallest tail, the 300 the lowest. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe to keep proportionate with wing size differences?
    Okay... time to fly. Literally. Off to PVG. The land of can't access blogs. Be back in two days.

    1. Ahh, amazing answer, Karlene! I am thinking the same thing about the different models and tail sizes. PVG? Oh no.. No blogs? My thoughts and prayers :)

  2. All I know is that it is very big! Having only flown the T7 once, I can only remember the huge size of that vertical stabilizer. I'm guessing 15 meters. What factors depend on the size of it? Rudder effect? Yaw tendencies?

    1. Cecilie, yes, even though the T7 looks like your average plane, the size view from afar can be very deceiving sometimes. The closer one gets, the more the size projects to enormous. 15 meters and the rudder/yaw are all great guesses! We'll definitely find out next Tuesday.


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