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Last week's question:

What is the tail height of a 777 and what factors depend on it?

Even though it was not my intention to pose a trick question, this one actually has a few answers.  So even if you thought and/or solely answered 61 feet (18.5m) I will still give you all the points. ;-)

But as Karlene answered/mentioned, different models of the T7 family have different tail heights:

777-200 & -200ER  60ft 9in (18.5m)

200-LR/LRF 61ft 1in (18.6m)
777-300(ER)  60ft 8in (18.5m)

Meet Echo-Charlie-Delta

Now...... the factors:

The height of these tails mainly depend on several factors however the main ones are the weights, pressures, and load factors applied to the aircraft.

Having received many good responses from fellow aviators away from this post about balancing tail height with wingspan as a factor, that could be a possibility however, both the 777-200LR and -300ER have the wingspan of 212 ft 7 in (64.8 m), yet the -200LR has a tail height of 61f 1 (18.6m) while the -300ER has a tail height of 60ft 8in (18.5m).

Even the smallest lengths can make the biggest differences.  Thoughts?

Now on to question 
number two 
January 8th, 2013...

Icing and very low visibility are dangerous conditions no matter what aircraft you are in, how many computers you have, and how many people are on board.  Thankfully, the 777 along with other aircraft are equipped with exterior surface anti-icing protection.

This week's question comes from inside the flight deck:

 Which specific windows in the Boeing 777 flight deck are activated with this protection?


Answer coming next week!



  1. I know. I know. The key is reading the question. I'm going to wait to answer. Because we need some guesses. So for now I will step forward to open the door for other responses. Excellent question.

  2. Karlene - Haha, no worries. Yes, a lot of the times one can find the answer in the actual question itself. Only if I took that logic and applied it when I was in school during my youth. Test taking, rushing through questions, and not taking the time to properly read through them. I would've done a lot better. The answers were all over the tests only if I just had the time to look through the test first for the hints and answers themselves.

    This question is pretty simple however we shall see the responses!


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