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Sometimes a past memory takes off in my head through anything.  It could be looking at an item in a store or hearing something on the radio.  Well, it was an article provided by Michigan based M-Live such as the one I read a couple of weeks ago about Whitney, a deaf Dalmatian who was flown, or was the First Officer to arrive to her new owners in Bay City, Michigan via a service called 

A service where not only birds and humans fly, but also our felines, canines and everything between.  The Noah's Ark of our time.  Except it's not sailing on flood waters, only the heavens above.

Pilots 'N Paws is a 501c3 non-profit organization volunteer service for which pilots rescue animals in danger, from kill shelters and transport them nationally to safety services such as foster families or rescue shelters.  On their blog, they have their online discussion boards, atmospheres created for those wish to coordinate and/or provide their planes and their services.

From their  

As we all know airplanes are expensive to own, upkeep, and maintain.  For these volunteers to give their time, their equipment, and their hearts to such a worthy cause is ever so paramount.

To say this cause didn't poke a spot in my heart is ever so untrue.  This cause is how we, especially I, remember those canines who made an impact on our own lives.

who was also a (former) resident of the Tri-Cities in Michigan. 

Domino was also a member of my own family for many years.  A pet I loved very much.  It took Whitney from the article above, to bring Domino's memory back.

To this organization, the volunteer pilots, and everyone who devotes their time to this worthy cause, your efforts are a testament of what it means to have compassion to give back those pets who have been so loyal to us as humans.

To keep up with Pilots N Paws or to make a donation, please visit the following:

The (transliterated) Hebrew word for dog is "Kelev".  Inside "Kelev" you will find the Hebrew word "Lev" which means "heart"  This shows that dogs are very loyal to their owners.  For us to give this back shows our essence to this world

Thank you for your taking the time to read this and please follow PILOTS N PAWS.



  1. Jeremy, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful cause. A retirement job for me. :)

  2. Thank you so much Karlene! I totally want to go in this with you as planes and animals are definitely a strong source of my happiness :)


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