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Our Triple (Seven) Trivia Question from January 15th:

Which switches are set to activate CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) radar on the navigation display and when will this display CAT?

Karlene is our winner!  The fact is CAT can not be displayed on the navigational panel.  (I really meant to word the question differently, so points will be given regardless of answers.)  The only way there can be a display of turbulence is if there is precipitation present and both the WX RADAR and TURB DET knobs are selected.


As we all know crew rest is essential especially if you are flying a 777 long or ultra-long haul.  The difference between flying a 777 in real life versus Microsoft Flight Simulator is that for the simulator pilot, you have a bed sitting right next to you once you are on A/P.  For the pilot carrying hundreds of souls, the only thing to rely on is a small rest area within the plane where there is no escape to the the comfort of the pilots' own beds at home.

Temperature and environment settings can make all the difference in crew rest, and there are various settings for ventilation control.

Our Triple Seven Trivia Question For
January 22nd, 2013

is for the 

MDCR (Main Deck Crew Rest Area)

Above what altitude (I promise no trick question this week and I will give you a hint, it's NOT 10,000ft.) will the 777 Air Conditioning System Provide the ventilation into this area once airborne?






  1. Yay!! Okay... this is a hard one. I'm guessing ... 25,000 feet. Only because there is a smoke light function that starts there. I think. Looking forward to the answer next week.

  2. Karlene, your guess is much better than mine. My first thoughts were when the APU was activated but it goes much deeper.. Errrrr higher than that. Yes we shall see next week! Enjoy the warm Hawaiian weather for me. Please.


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