Many Good Things...

So many new things are on the horizon outside the flight deck window so it's time to touch base with everyone amidst the choas of my own life offline to give some acknowledgment, announcement, and thanks to a few people and things.

Firstly I would like to thank Alex Wood, our Chief Graphics Designer and Flight To Success partner at Aviation Center for creating the most vivid and awesome visuals for The Weekly Triple Trivia Column (Every Tuesday Morning):

He also created the a most awesome book trailor for Our Chief Content Advisor Karlene Petitt's novel "Flight For Control"


One of the things about networking is learning about and meeting the most interesting new people.  I first came across Captain Eric Auxier known by his alias as "CAP'N AUX"  When I visited his website, I was most impressed and amazed by what he has to offer the world.  Having visited Flight to Success a few days ago, I learned that Cap'n Aux came out with a new novel:

" Two young pilots. One bold dream. But if Alaska doesn't beat them, their friendship may. "

I must say, after reading the line above, it has enticed me to put this one on my reading list.  Please take a look at this novel.  I know I will.  We will be featuring Captain Eric on the right side of our website shortly so please stay tuned.


It's all about promoting awesome pilots, awesome authors, and awesome people here at JFD!

Thank you all for being a part of this website and the Flight To Success Network!



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