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The Sun Is Still Shining

Firstly, I would like to congratulate our winner of last week's FRIDAY FOTO question regarding the identification of the people in the photograph:

Siew Mei Chua Congrats!

The people in the photo were:
They were known as "Die Weiße Rose" "The White Rose" a non-violent intellectual resistance force in Germany who stood up against the Nazi party and everything which it stood (stands) for. 
Our foto this week is not actually a foto.  It is a video.  A video of their story taken from the movie "SOPHIE SCHOLL: The Final Days" a movie which I saw two weeks ago.  Please take the next fourteen minutes to see this.  This is the story of The White Rose:

Our FRIDAY FOTO for March 29th, 2013
OPPOSITION TO THE NAZIS: SOPHIE SCHOLL (The very end of this video is only for those with a slightly strong stomach.)

A week from this Sunday is Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Rememberence Day).  It's a…


With the holidays of Passover and Easter coming up next week, I was very selective to choose a photo for this week that would really lay the groundwork to gain knowledge about something so unknown to many and yet sends out an important message ever so important to the world.

Our FRIDAY FOTO for MARCH 22nd, 2013

My question to you all:

Do you know who these people are in this photo?

They sent out an important message to the world.  Literally.

I will be posting more about them the first week of April.  Please stay tuned because it will be a Power Post..

 First person to reply with the correct answer(s) below this post will receive a free e-mail address.  (You will be apart of the flight crew - literally!) along with a free commemorative Boeing 777 keychain.
Enjoy your weekend!


I hope that everyone is having an easy or smooth week so far.  Before I give this last week's answer and this week's regularly scheduled 777 question, I would like to announce that Triple Trivia will be switched on auto-pilot for the next two Tuesdays following this week.  This is due to the holidays and also I have a lot of studying and work to do.  Suffice to say, I will be off the radar somewhat, however, I will be posting as much as I can for the time being.

Last week our question came once again from the novel: "Flight For Control"

Tuesday (Triple) Trivia for March 12th, 2013
There was a missing connection at the end of the novel to which Kat had to break open his flight bag for.  Which event occurred near the end of the novel and what is the changed combination to Bill's flight bag?
ANSWER: EVENT: Bill's water landing in Puget Sound. THE DATE: of this landing was October 4th.
Hence Bill changed his sacred flight bag combination to:
So t…

The Common Denominator

Before I took to the skies yesterday I was thinking of a tragic event which as of yesterday happened 53 years ago: the crash of Northwest Flight 710.  An Around this time last year I wrote a post commemorating the lives that were lost on that Lockheed L-188C Electra registered N121US which perished some 50 miles east of my native Evansville, Indiana near Tell City on March 17th, 1960.  No one survived this flight.

Even though the causes of this fatal crash were mechanical, a lot of crashes are due to pilot fatigue and error - or should I say lack of proper training.  As I was sitting and having a discussion with my flight instructor yesterday, we were discussing what it takes to become a good, if not excellent, pilot.  He told me that aviation is the only field to which an instructor can't take a wand, point it at the student, and say, "Poof!  I have now made you an excellent pilot."

Training and learning to become an excellent pilot takes loads of practice and experien…

Fighting Irish


This up and coming Sunday marks St. Patrick's Day for those who celebrate.  It is a day filled with celebration for some, prayer for others, and a day of indentity for many.  Those who identify themselves of being a product of Ireland or of Irish lineage it's a day to show a sense of pride, of belonging even if you have nothing to belong to.  Some who have no connection to Ireland or Irish lineage will convince those who are, that they, in fact do have the Irish connection just to have an excuse to join in on the celebration.
It is customary for those of lineage, or even in general, to wear green and for some others - orange.  There is another reason why green and orange are not only worn on St. Patrick's Day.  It is to show support for something that is rarely covered in the media.  Not as recognized in the mainstream medical community.  Something that is worth standing up and showing support for because it is one of the most difficult a…

Lucky Numbers


Last week we went inside the novel "Flight For Control" for our 777 Trivia question which was the following:

Which aircraft is the dual type rate along with a 757 and what is the combination to unlock Bill's sacred flight bag?
The dual type rate for a Boeing 757 is the 767.  Hence the code to unlock the flight bag is:

This question will lead us to the next. 

Our Tuesday (Triple) Trivia for March 12th, 2013
There was a missing connection at the end of the novel to which Kat had to break open his flight bag for.  Which event occured near the end of the novel and what is the changed combination to Bill's flight bag?
For extra credit, what was the missing link, the missing factor that Kathryn (Kat) was looking for?
Yes, Karlene please answer!

Answer and back to normal Boeing 777 next week!


This weekend, with some life long near and dear (non-aviation) friends, I saw the movie:

I had been pre-warned that this movie was a dud in regards to technicalities and flight deck scenes so I wasn't that disappointed, especially when I only saw one flight deck scene - although it terrified me to think of being in the plane during the crash scene in real life.  
I must say that with fictitious airline and plane (a bad cross between an MD-88 and a CRJ), the flight deck scene was the only action scene throughout the whole movie.  (Perhaps that's a good thing because I refuse to re-watch United 93 after the same friend I saw this movie "Flight" with have been asking me to re-watch "United 93.")
We all must realize that Hollywood will always be that: Hollywood, but one of the things that Hollywood does best is get an agenda or message across.  And the one important message I feel that this movie was portraying is that we have a serious issue that mechanical e…

Stretched Limo


Last Monday was not one of my better days.  In fact, when I thought the day wouldn't get any worse at about 10:00 a.m., it did.  Throughout the chaos of the day, I received a very special tweet from one of JFD's very devout followers:

Of course it had to be featured as this week's photo.. What a difference it made in my day on Monday, you will never know.  What one small random act of kindness... So JFD presents:

for Friday March 8th, 2013

Once again, thanks Raff! Have a great weekend, everyone!


The Power of Numbers

On this date thirty-six years ago, March 7th, 1977, I took my first breaths of life at Welborn Hospital in Evansville, Indiana, USA, thanks to God and to two outstanding parents, one of them who I am blessed to still have alive today.  The other, I was blessed to have shared 35 years of my life with.  From what my parents told me, it was unusually and unseasonably hot that day - a balmy 100+ degrees F.  Ironically, my brother, who is a May baby (the 19th) was born under the same meteorological conditions even though he was born at one of the two other hospitals in the Evansville area.
One of the things, though, that is unique about my birthday and also to those who were born on July 7, 1973 is that we have the magical combination of numbers 777 and 3.  
(3/7/77 and 7/7/73)
If there is anything in this universe that resembles those numbers and is a such a blessing to have on Earth - is my favorite aircraft of all time:

BOEING  777300 (ER)

The Triple Seven widebody and myself were bor…

Double Triple Feature


Our Triple Trivia Question from last week (February 26th 2013) entitled "All About 'U'":

During a 180 degree "U" Turn, which part of the aircraft has the widest arc?


The turning wing (Alex hit the runway spot on!)


I was debating whether or not to do a triple trivia for this week as the term "busy" is an understatement. I decided to do a trivia but it will not be so 777, and I will explain why on Thursday.

HOWEVER tonight I will be reading the aviation thriller "Flight For Control" for the seventh time and being that it's reading number seven, I'd use that excuse to use the novel for this week's "777" trivia question.

Darby is right. It's the wife's job to snoop and Darby was helping Kat break into her husband's sacred flight bag. The code was a combination of a dual type rate for Boeing pilots. Our trivia this week is two questions.



I chose and choose to describe this week's Friday Foto in response to a piece written by Karlene Petitt entitled "How To Build Flight Hours" She has been contacted by many people (around my age and beyond) who are concerned, like myself, about making it to their final destinations as pilots.

March 1st, 2013

In the building of hours success is always around the corner on the top floor.  The elevator and escalators are always broken (especially if you live in NYC) .... so the only way up is the stairs..
Have a great weekend!