Double Triple Feature


Our Triple Trivia Question from last week (February 26th 2013) entitled "All About 'U'":

During a 180 degree "U" Turn, which part of the aircraft has the widest arc?


The turning wing (Alex hit the runway spot on!)


I was debating whether or not to do a triple trivia for this week as the term "busy" is an understatement. I decided to do a trivia but it will not be so 777, and I will explain why on Thursday.

HOWEVER tonight I will be reading the aviation thriller "Flight For Control" for the seventh time and being that it's reading number seven, I'd use that excuse to use the novel for this week's "777" trivia question.

Darby is right. It's the wife's job to snoop and Darby was helping Kat break into her husband's sacred flight bag. The code was a combination of a dual type rate for Boeing pilots. Our trivia this week is two questions.

OUR "777 TRIVIA" Flight For Control Trivia Questions


MARCH 5th 2013

Which aircraft is the dual type rate along with a 757 and what is the combination to unlock Bill's sacred flight bag?


Karlene is exempt from this week's trivia!



  1. Lol.. But this is the one that I knew! Yes... busy is an understatement for all of us. But I do know you have your priorities in focus. And mine is trying to get the sequel out before OSH!

  2. Before OSH would be great and can't wait, but yes please don't rush by all means. I haven't lost all of my patience! Being that you already know the answer, I'll let you give it next week if you wish! LOL


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