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This up and coming Sunday marks St. Patrick's Day for those who celebrate.  It is a day filled with celebration for some, prayer for others, and a day of indentity for many.  Those who identify themselves of being a product of Ireland or of Irish lineage it's a day to show a sense of pride, of belonging even if you have nothing to belong to.  Some who have no connection to Ireland or Irish lineage will convince those who are, that they, in fact do have the Irish connection just to have an excuse to join in on the celebration.

It is customary for those of lineage, or even in general, to wear green and for some others - orange.  There is another reason why green and orange are not only worn on St. Patrick's Day.  It is to show support for something that is rarely covered in the media.  Not as recognized in the mainstream medical community.  Something that is worth standing up and showing support for because it is one of the most difficult and lethal cancers to treat.

Kidney Cancer.

We have been sporting an orange/green ribbon on this website now for the past 15 days to show our support to those who are battling such an immense and immensely painful condition.  People who are fighters.  I know this for a fact, because I have personally seen people with Kidney Cancer fight.  Not only that, but to eat away the sanity of these patients, their families, who help advocate and fight for them and our cause.  

We ask that this weekend, when you wear your green, when you wear your orange, that not only do you wear it with pride, with a sense of identity and that of belonging, but also make others aware about this most lethal illness - with pride and identity. Also to be a fighter for those who are battling with all of their lives to overcome this most lethal and challenging disease both inside the body and out.

With these words, I present to you our 



March 15th, 2013

My personal favorite.  (Photo courtesy of

Be an educator.  Be a supporter.  Be someone's guiding light.

Be a fighter.

Fight Kidney Cancer like you're

Have a great weekend!



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