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Last week we went inside the novel "Flight For Control" for our 777 Trivia question which was the following:

Which aircraft is the dual type rate along with a 757 and what is the combination to unlock Bill's sacred flight bag?

The dual type rate for a Boeing 757 is the 767.  
Hence the code to unlock the flight bag is:


This question will lead us to the next. 

Our Tuesday (Triple) Trivia
March 12th, 2013
There was a missing connection at the end of the novel to which Kat had to break open his flight bag for.  Which event occured near the end of the novel and what is the changed combination to Bill's flight bag?

For extra credit, what was the missing link, the missing factor that Kathryn (Kat) was looking for?

Yes, Karlene please answer!

Answer and back to normal Boeing 777 next week!



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