I chose and choose to describe this week's Friday Foto in response to a piece written by Karlene Petitt entitled "How To Build Flight Hours" She has been contacted by many people (around my age and beyond) who are concerned, like myself, about making it to their final destinations as pilots.




March 1st, 2013

This way to JFK

In the building of hours success is always around the corner on the top floor.  The elevator and escalators are always broken (especially if you live in NYC) .... so the only way up is the stairs..

Have a great weekend!



  1. No elevators and escalators to reach success. Impossible. You have to burn your energy... And this means learning from your failures and experiences. The only way to reach success is getting the staircase.

    1. Alex, I agree. The only way to learn is through our mistakes. We both have discussed this at length. Living and learning is why we are here on this Earth and it is our mission. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Sometimes we've got to carry a lot of baggage up those stairs too. But what ultimately happens is we end up very strong. One flight at a time. In the sky... or on the stairs. :)

    1. Karlene, you are absolutely right 110%. The more baggage we have the more stronger. Life has taught, is teaching, and will always teach us this. And yes! One flight at a time (I love that phrase..) now off to read #7 ;)


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