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I hope that everyone is having an easy or smooth week so far.  Before I give this last week's answer and this week's regularly scheduled 777 question, I would like to announce that Triple Trivia will be switched on auto-pilot for the next two Tuesdays following this week.  This is due to the holidays and also I have a lot of studying and work to do.  Suffice to say, I will be off the radar somewhat, however, I will be posting as much as I can for the time being.

Last week our question came once again from the novel: "Flight For Control"

Tuesday (Triple) Trivia
March 12th, 2013
There was a missing connection at the end of the novel to which Kat had to break open his flight bag for.  Which event occurred near the end of the novel and what is the changed combination to Bill's flight bag?

EVENT: Bill's water landing in Puget Sound.
THE DATE: of this landing was October 4th.

Hence Bill changed his sacred flight bag combination to:


So to find out the answer to the extra credit question, I highly recommend you purchase this novel on the right hand side of our website and don't forget to say "JEREMY or "JFD" SENT ME"

Sometimes we just need to put the auto brakes on life, especially mine, so that's why I decided to feature and ask this trivia question.


March 19th

With the AutoBreak Selector in the RTO position, WHEN and HOW much break pressure is applied?

Once again, answer will be given in three weeks!  Please subscribe to this site for e-mail and or Blogger updates!  You can also follow Triple Trivia on Twitter by Hashtagging #TRIPLETRIVIA and/or following

Have a great week everyone!



  1. RTO is Rejected Takeoff. Applied when a takeoff is rejected. How much pressure? I don't know, but probably maximum pressure (don't know in numbers and statistics).

  2. Yes... Say Jeremy sent you!!!

    I'm not going to answer... but does it change with the use of reverse thrust like the other settings?

    1. Wouldn't be intelligent from the manufacturer's part. What if the reverse thrust fails? Should the pilots think on selecting the other options? Then why RTO exists if the pilot can apply the other options? I don't know. Just guessing! xD

    2. Karlene, you always ask the best questions! and Alex you always bring up the best points! Karlene to answer your question, I am thinking yes, but on a break application "as needed" basis to my humble knowledge. Alex, I also think that we should bring up those points up in a few weeks when I give the answer out. I am also thinking that a video visual will be in store for the answer to this question ;)

      Thank you both!


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