The Power of Numbers

On this date thirty-six years ago, March 7th, 1977, I took my first breaths of life at Welborn Hospital in Evansville, Indiana, USA, thanks to God and to two outstanding parents, one of them who I am blessed to still have alive today.  The other, I was blessed to have shared 35 years of my life with.  From what my parents told me, it was unusually and unseasonably hot that day - a balmy 100+ degrees F.  Ironically, my brother, who is a May baby (the 19th) was born under the same meteorological conditions even though he was born at one of the two other hospitals in the Evansville area.

One of the things, though, that is unique about my birthday and also to those who were born on July 7, 1973 is that we have the magical combination of numbers 777 and 3.  

(3/7/77 and 7/7/73)

If there is anything in this universe that resembles those numbers and is a such a blessing to have on Earth - is my favorite aircraft of all time:


 777300 (ER)

The Triple Seven widebody and myself were born to fly together.. 

Especially during my play days on 
Microsoft Flight Simulator 9:

NRT - JFK, Canarsie arrival

Office with a view en route LAX - CDG with one of my European clients

And speaking of aviation, the number 7 plays an another important role as well:  

My 7th reading of the aviation thriller, 
Karlene Petitt.

I have been asked many times by many people who know of this book, "Why would you read it so often so consecutively?"  My answer is simple: it's a simply awesome book.  But, please allow me to define "a simply awesome book."  (I don't normally give a novel this high of a review.)

I know each of those characters of that book in real life.  They may have different names, different jobs, different lives, but their persona  - are very true to those characters in the novel.  I have had friends, am friends, and will be friends with the characters in that book.  I have also dated the characters in that book. From Bill to Kathryn (Kat), to Greg, and yes, even Darby, each one of them have been in my life in many forms and in many roles.  And yes, I have even had pets with the same names like the characters in that book:

More importantly, it wasn't just the characters that very much attracted me to the book, it was also the events that occurred which that also occurred to me in my lifetime.

Little do I come across an author who is able to read the potential reader's mind and present to them a manuscript, if not a screenplay to life itself as if they, the author knew every part of our lives, our every secret, and say to us, "I know what you are going through in life, so let me add some perspective to it and through it, we will discover our goals in life, our ambitions, and how to fulfill them."  

We discover those who are able to give us encouragement, our tailwinds, to meet those goals and ambitions.  Not only to help guide us through life but also by making the guidance fun by taking the us out of reality for a bit via giving the our real life "characters" fictitious names, careers - in this case my favorite field of aviation.

This is how not only how I define a "simply awesome book", but also a great, if not outstanding author.  An author who connects to their audience in such a way that they can give many perspectives to help them through the turbulence in their lives with already knowing the potential reader's background (even outside aviation.)  Not only to give those perspectives but to give those tailwinds to success.  That focus.

One last thought about my new age: 

36 years young..:

One of my fascinations and my studies in university was and still is MFL Modern Foreign Languages.  Hebrew is one of the most fascinating especially in gematria which is Hebrew numerology.  Each Hebrew letter of the alphabet or "Aleph Bet" (as opposed to its very similar Greek equivalent) is assigned a numerical value.  In words the letters' numerical assignments are added for a grand total.

The Hebrew word for life is 


(Hence the famous toast, "L'Chayim" - "To Life") 

"Chai" has the numerical value of 18 when those two letters are added. When doubled we get 36 - my new age.  (P.s., the Hebrew pronunciation of "Ch" is a guttural sound resembling that of the Dutch pronunciation of the letter "G" and not like the "Chai" Tea)

My birthday wish today is: 
to have all of my family, friends, and the families of my friends to receive 
twice the blessings in life.  

We should all have double, if not triple as in the power of the lucky 7 to have the strength to not only be successful but also help others in desperate need get through the journey of life and to land success. 

Just like in the novel, "Flight For Control"

Birthday bus ride over to GRR for the party.



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