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The Broker

One of the worst feelings is to be wanted.  Not only wanted but wanted dead.  Having given your family a bad name, they want nothing to do with you.  You were a power shot broker in Washington and all it took was a bad deal on an international scale and now you are a Federal prison rat.  A lame duck President sits fading as the final days, hours, minutes, less alone seconds pass by in office knowing he is on his way out and you are banking on the fact and act his graces will grant you his last pardon to escape the death penalty.  But the greatest question is: would it be less painful to be dead or alive where many people are out to hunt you down to kill you?  All you want to do for the rest of your life is to stay in a cold, dark Federal correction cell but even in that environment it is hard to trust those who protect you.  This is the only lifestyle that could be lived and know how to be lived. Author John Grisham took the suspense of his pen to introduce us to Joel Backman, this pow…

New Beginnings

This week I left behind a piece of machinery that has left so many memories and has helped me accomplish so many projects - especially creating this site:  My Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop Not only writing, blogging, amongst other things, it was also used as my gateway to the world of virtual flight: Microsoft Simulator 2004.  Yes, the same program that John and Martha King are seen explaining their love of aviation and what it means to learn how to fly.  In that case, to fly a computer.  A computer that I have flown thousands of miles over hundreds of hours across many oceans using professional add-on software to not only make it all the more realistic, but also to learn as much as I possibly could before the intro flight.  I obsessively speak of this program because it has made an impact on where my aviation world is today.  The quite unsuccessful installing of the King Schools preparation course software into my Inspiron this week led to me obtaining a new laptop as the software wasn…

Karlene Petitt

It's 7:47 PM out here on the East Coast and throughout the day the words: Air Traffic Control, Sequester, and Safety have been ringing in my head all day.  Not to mention: landing, traffic patterns, weight, and airspeed to name a few others.  
Or wait, the five things off the top of my head:  Speed, Heading, Troubleshoot, Communication, and Secure.
I have been studying for the past several days in preparation for an FAA Knowledge Exam which will test my knowledge in many areas.  I not only want to pass this test, but pass it with flying colors.
The reason is simple.  I want not only to be an excellent pilot, but.. a safe one.
Speaking of safe.., I recently took a trip down memory lane to an interview I conducted a little over a year ago when our friend Karlene Petitt launched her first novel "Flight For Control" - the same "Flight For Control" which I have had the chance to read not once, not twice, but many times.  It was also a novel that brought several pilots, m…

Sunrise, Sunset

America is the land of the sea to shining sea.  The land of opportunity. The music group Augustana gave the world a song to which it tells about someone who had a failed relationship and wanted to move to the east coast to start a new life.  And that song was named:


The first time I heard that song was when I was driving through downtown Boston at night and it started to snow lightly.  That song couldn't have come on the radio at a better time and a better place.

This week has yet been another week of loss, for such a great city with great people, however, if there is one thing to keep in mind it is this:

Where ever there is a sunset, there will always be a sunrise to replace it...

on the other side - just like in that song which sings its praises to a city which suffered such a terrible tragedy and losses this week.

From myself and those who contribute so much to this website, I want to let this wonderful city know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.


There's no place like home

Imagine you've been crossing oceans for days with an uncooperative flight crew. You don't know what time it is, less alone the day, month, or perhaps, even the year.  Turbulence both outside and inside the plane and you have a splitting headache. Eyes blurry from fatigue and an upset stomach on the side from eating tasteless macaroni salad with tough grilled chicken that tastes like rubber. Not to mention you've been sleeping on mattresses that feel like the cardboard seats back in steerage. (I'll use the term "steerage" to be at least somewhat dramatic.)
All you want is to be home having a home cooked meal, a shower, less alone sleeping in bed next to your loved ones - even if it's your teddy bear.
Imagine those who've been living in an apartment for decades and finally had the money or means to purchase a new home. Or to build a new kitchen, a new living room.
The sense of comfort and belonging come into play.
Today marks the sixty-fifth birthd…

Quality Not Quantity

I am not the type to discuss how many hours I have logged, whether few or many, but people both aviation and non-aviation still flat out ask me, "So... how many hours do you have already?"
Why do people honestly need to know other than the FAA, instructor, airline, and other applicable people? It's a personal thing to me despite the fact the competition is out there to be the best. 
Now... I could be a total prick and say, "none of your business" but my personality would never take a nose dive to that altitude. To figure out a response to that question, my instructor has taught me something valuable for the past month which will give me some perspective on how i could go about answering that inquiry specifically:
It's not about quantity, but the quality of learning that you have within that time.
My instructor reflected on a fellow student of his that has only 100 hours on his time sheet but when it's all said and done, because of his seriousness,…

The Iron Dream


This week, on the same day, we lost two amazing people but gained their immense legacies. They were some of the most influential women to walk the Earth's surface during their lifetime.

A dream is a wish your heart makes and dreams became reality for many because of these two women.

For one of them, we were encouraged to be strong like an iron fist. The other, encouraged to be strong with a smile while soaking up the sun.

Together, they urged us to flex our wings and reach for the stars.

April 12th 2012

13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013

October 22, 1942 – April 8, 2013

Perception Speaks


FRIDAY FOTO for April 5th, 2013

This photo was taken and edited by someone deep within the world of Autism.  This someone is also one of my students who I have trained and continue to train in photographing moving objects.  To the eye is within the beholder and to someone within the Autism spectrum, one perceives the world at a whole different angle.  Ironically enough, my student and I share the same eye direction - always pointed to the sky at planes.  Even though our perceptions are different, we always meet at a common angle.
To the world, this photo could come across as if two planes were about to collide with each other.  But with someone with a different perception of the world, this photo has a much more different look to it.  But how will we know what that look is?
April is also known as AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH.  Even though the births and diagnosis statistics are continuing to grow rapidly, there is still a majority of the our society which is unawar…