New Beginnings

This week I left behind a piece of machinery that has left so many memories and has helped me accomplish so many projects - especially creating this site: 
My Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop
Not only writing, blogging, amongst other things, it was also used as my gateway to the world of virtual flight: Microsoft Simulator 2004.  Yes, the same program that John and Martha King are seen explaining their love of aviation and what it means to learn how to fly.  In that case, to fly a computer.  A computer that I have flown thousands of miles over hundreds of hours across many oceans using professional add-on software to not only make it all the more realistic, but also to learn as much as I possibly could before the intro flight.  I obsessively speak of this program because it has made an impact on where my aviation world is today. 
The quite unsuccessful installing of the King Schools preparation course software into my Inspiron this week led to me obtaining a new laptop as the software wasn't compatible with my older version of Windows Vista and also some of the number keys broke.  I knew its days were numbered as purchasing a new computer was less of a hassle than dealing with updating and replacing keys.  Not to mention battery life issues..

Another factor was that one can only use the King Schools course on one computer and for that student pilot's computer only.  Had I installed the program on the old laptop, I would have had some issues should I needed to purchase a new one.  So.. because of the above, the decision and time was right.
I had to get a new machine.  To leave the old one behind and start anew with new memories.  With this, I have now established a new relationship with John and Martha King in this regard making new digital flight memories - this time, the real deal.
So I will leave you with this week's visual.  Here are to new beginnings:

April 26th, 2013
The new control center to
Jeremy's Flight Deck
Seattle graphics by default
Cheers & Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It's so hard to make the change. I know I waited years too long. But now you can move forward and you'll love every moment. Especially since you have all your keys! Gorgeous new machine! I'm looking forward to all that will come out of it!

    1. Having all the keys makes the difference. And thank you! Yes.. a lot will be coming out of this machine for sure. Have a great rest of the weekend!


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