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Perception Speaks


April 5th, 2013


This photo was taken and edited by someone deep within the world of Autism.  This someone is also one of my students who I have trained and continue to train in photographing moving objects.  To the eye is within the beholder and to someone within the Autism spectrum, one perceives the world at a whole different angle.  Ironically enough, my student and I share the same eye direction - always pointed to the sky at planes.  Even though our perceptions are different, we always meet at a common angle.

To the world, this photo could come across as if two planes were about to collide with each other.  But with someone with a different perception of the world, this photo has a much more different look to it.  But how will we know what that look is?

April is also known as AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH.  Even though the births and diagnosis statistics are continuing to grow rapidly, there is still a majority of the our society which is unaware of these facts.  A society which individuals within this spectrum feel estranged from because of this fact.  Not only our society which is unaware of Autism and the statistics, but also lack the training and knowledge about Autism to know how to interact with those individuals who are - to know exactly what that look from the above photo is.

Out of every 10 families I know personally, one of them contains someone with Autism.  The concerning fact is, my statistics are growing.  I am grateful that I have had the training and experience in Applied Behavior Analysis for the past 10+ years in not only understanding how someone with Autism looks at the photo from above, but also to help them at understanding at how I look at the photo to help them find their way home to society where they rightfully belong.  Where they feel they are estranged from.

Find out how you can become educated about Autism.  Even if it's on the most elementary level.  We all had to start from somewhere.  Especially 10+ years ago...

Have a great weekend, everyone...



  1. Thank you, Jeremy, for bringing attention to this issue. My grandson is a high functioning teenager with Asperger Syndrome, a disorder in the Autism range. He is near the top of his class in high school and now has many friends, having worked hard on his communication skills. His friendly smile, something he had to deliberately learn how to do, has helped tremendously.

    Do not judge others, lest ye be judged.

    1. Malkah, I am happy to say that I am honored to have met and know your grandson. Not only that, but also to have had a chance to see him around on many occasions. I love chatting with him especially about science and most of all, meteorology.

      I am very happy to hear about his successes in High School. He should only continue to experience much more success and smachot! And always to keep smiling :)

  2. Jeremy, this is a fabulous post. I love the picture and the message of perception. I didn't know that April was Autism awareness month...but I'm off to support it. I think identification is the first step. Sometimes it's hard with the little ones, and fear. But all is good, that is kept positive. Thanks for sharing a wonderful cause.

    1. Karlene, thank you so much!

      Identification is definitely the first step. I can not tell you how many times people have made a faux pas not knowing the person they were interacting with, even their own child, was on the (autism) spectrum.

      The little ones, especially at the beginning stage = very hard. The hardest part is when you are a parent and you notice that your child isn't responding to your calls. Doesn't interact. Which leads eventually through time to the diagnosis. A lot of parents go into a very deep denial. A denial that is quite dangerous as it could deprive their child of the (early intervention) services that they really need to be getting. (Side note: Siblings are also effected. Families in therapy because of the diagnosis of a child or sibling.)

      Whatever is given to the individual from the get-go makes the biggest difference in not only their elementary learning but also the transition of learning from during the rest of life's stages.

      Once again, thank you so much for your comment and spreading the word!


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