Quality Not Quantity

I am not the type to discuss how many hours I have logged, whether few or many, but people both aviation and non-aviation still flat out ask me, "So... how many hours do you have already?"

Why do people honestly need to know other than the FAA, instructor, airline, and other applicable people? It's a personal thing to me despite the fact the competition is out there to be the best. 

Now... I could be a total prick and say, "none of your business" but my personality would never take a nose dive to that altitude. To figure out a response to that question, my instructor has taught me something valuable for the past month which will give me some perspective on how i could go about answering that inquiry specifically:

It's not about quantity, but the quality of learning that you have within that time.

My instructor reflected on a fellow student of his that has only 100 hours on his time sheet but when it's all said and done, because of his seriousness, hard work and dedication within a short period of time, his 100 hours were as if he had flown over fifteen hundred. It's also to point out that you could have pilots with over 1,500 hours and it is as if they are in their first 80. Nowadays it's not the hours. It's the QUALITY of those hours.

With that said.. I must say that if I were asked again, I would respond, "It depends on how you define 'hours'"

If you must know.. I arrived at the airport at 3:15pm and left at 8:15.pm Within that time a lot of training occurred to which after I got on the Long Island Rail Road the studying didn't stop. And will not as I have yet a lot of work to do before I go airborne again less alone bed tonight.

While I study, I will leave you with some photos from my afternoon with someone I am proud to call my instructor:

Have a great week all!


  1. Jeremy, I could not agree with you more. Quality hours are what count. How many hours can we sit crossing the ocean with the autopilot on? It's the hours of managing arrivals and departures, and hand flying that count. It's learning and being mentally active that counts. So glad you went flying. And I love the photos.
    Keep studying Jeremy, it won't be long until all your dreams come true.

  2. Karlene I couldn't agree more. The computers on the flight deck only do so much for the computers in our brains that are thirsty for knowledge and dexterity in maneuvering the heavy jet like a 172. There has to be a least one computer working when the other one (in the flight deck) goes. That computer is us. Thank you so much for your wishes and yes - I will see you inside the deck sometime in the near future. :-))


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