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Never Write The Ending

"Écris l'histoire dans ma memoire, mais n'écris jamais la fin." ("Write the story in my memory, however never write the ending.")
-Grégory Lemarchal  (13 May 1983 - 30 April 2007)

I can't help to think of the quote above when I think of one of the world's most disastrous and fatal  catastrophes not only in French aviation but worldwide aviation with one of the world's most equipped and state of the art commercial transporters: The Airbus Industrie A330.

My response to two recent blogposts by two A330 pilots about this is:  
Thank you both for coming out and stressing to everyone the importance of knowing exactly what happened that night and why.  To write that story, (i.e., to make the story known, to make the public aware of the truth, to ask those questions, and also to promote higher training and safety standards so that the ending of their memories of those on board AFR447 will never be extinguished.  Not only that, but to prevent catastrophes suc…

Tuesday Trivia Returns!

by Jeremy Carlisle Publisher
Yes, it has been a long while since I posted a Tuesday 777 Triva question, however, I have decided to broaden the trivia horizons beyond the 777.  I will however, continue to post aircraft specific questions - especially with the Triple Seven to make up for lost time.
I want to re-launch this column with a very important trivia question that I've always wanted to ask not only the sports community but more so, especially, the aviation community.

TUESDAY TRIVIA for Aviation Enthusiasts and Beyond
May 21st, 2013

Which international tennis stadium is named after a veteran pilot and war hero?   (Hint: an annual tournament is held in this venue every year with the same name as the stadium.)
And for extra credit:

I may post an expedited answer sooner than next Tuesday, however, please revisit next Tuesday for the answer (again) and next question!


First Time For Everything

A beautiful sunny afternoon rested around the New York City area as I was waiting impatiently watching the turbines of a GE-90 circumnavigate their encasements at the pace of molasses outside the waiting area of Gate 6 at John F. Kennedy's Terminal One.
Once the breezes picked up the turbines reacted accordingly or was it that I was becoming more impatient by the moment?  A beautiful Alitalia Triple Seven sat next door as the neighbor at Gate 4, the most insular one.

I had to walk down T1 a ways to grab a beer because I needed to get some alcohol down my system to take the edge of impatience off not to mention to get the party started.  Passing a Lufthansa gate, I immediately noticed elaborately dressed flight attendants with red laced hats having just debarked the plane at the next platform over - Emirates.
There was a reason to celebrate this afternoon.  Not because I was at JFK for a spotting trip, but it was 2006.  May 17th to be exact.  And it was to be my first time to ride in …

That's NOT a BOEING?!

"Love Is In The Air"

by Jeremy Carlisle

It was a dreary afternoon in late 2000 and I was standing on the Cedarhurst Long Island Railroad (LIRR) platform waiting for my train back into the city.  I had just transplanted to New York and was just getting used to the incoming and outgoing traffic out of New York's John F. Kennedy Airport that encompassed the airspace above the Five Towns area of Nassau County, Long Island on a daily basis.
As a I was waiting for my train, my ears detected a faint howling sound of jet engines distantly behind me.  I took a look back and saw a white vague shape, however, as it came closer, I saw that it had four engines.  I thought to myself, "Ah, it's another 747.."Little did I know having just arrived from a rural area in Michigan where spotting heavies was a bit foreign to the spotter's eye.  To which a DC-9 was considered to be "heavy metal."
As this plane came closer and closer, I noticed t…

What is "Love"

When we someone tells another, "I love you" one usually takes this phrase for granted or say it subconsciously without conceptualizing its true meaning.  Why do I say this?  Well, let's we should take a deeper look at what the definition of love is.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, here is the definition:
Definition of love

noun1an intense feeling of deep affection:babies fill parents with intense feelings of lovetheir love for their country a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone:it was love at first sightthey were both in love with herwe were slowly falling in love (Love) a personified figure of love, often represented as Cupid. a great interest and pleasure in something:his love for footballwe share a love of music affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one’s behalf. a formula for ending an affectionate letter:take care, lots of love, Judy

The Big Wedding

This week, six outstanding pilots/writers shared their stories in formation (see right hand side of this website) about how they came to aviation.  On the same token, they asked their audiences to reply to their posts.  To share our stories of how we came to aviation and how we also, like them, developed these passions to grow wings and fly.

I have been sharing my story as much as I can to their websites however, I have decided sum my story up with one photo:

My wedding photo.

.....The wedding  was June 18, 1996 my first time on an airplane.  Ever.

.... and ....
I was really nervous...

The reception was at Detroit Wayne Co.-Metropolitan, the wedding ceremony took place in International Airspace over the North Atlantic Track Crossing System.  Her Royal Majesty, The Boeing 747, The Queen of the skies herself was the master of ceremonies as the ceremony itself lasted 7 hours and 55 minutes long.  The wedding party was at Amsterdam Schipol immediately after landing the next morning.  Once landin…

Ben Davison


Having been studying alphabet airspace and sectional charts for my up and coming FAA exam, I was reminded of someone who I connected with on Twitter a while back and who has been apart of my Twitter aviation family ever since.  This outstanding pilot, successful blogger, and fellow Mid-Westerner cleared me into his Class-B airspace for a few minutes so I could enter the world of "Airplanology"  Please help me welcome


Welcome to the flight deck, Ben!

I remember the day on Twitter you announced your site was no longer titled "Flying With Ben" and that you wanted a new identity.  Could you tell us what made you decide to blog in the first place and a little bit about this change? 

From the beginning I've been a blogging person. I ran a very successful respiratory therapy blog that had to be taken down for legal reasons, and when I re-discovered my inner aviator I decided to write about it.
Initially I was "Fly with Ben" and I…

Synchronized Flying!

What happens when you take some of the world's most amazing pilots and synchronize them as being the most amazing writers?
This is what you get:

Please help me welcome these awesome individuals by visiting their sites on Twitter and find out what got them into the skies.  You never know how much the power of their words will give your wings the lift to make your dreams, goals, and ambitions soar beyond the skies.