What is "Love"


When we someone tells another, "I love you" one usually takes this phrase for granted or say it subconsciously without conceptualizing its true meaning.  Why do I say this?  Well, let's we should take a deeper look at what the definition of love is.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, here is the definition:

Definition of love


  • 1an intense feeling of deep affection:babies fill parents with intense feelings of lovetheir love for their country
  •  a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone:it was love at first sightthey were both in love with herwe were slowly falling in love
  •  (Love) a personified figure of love, often represented as Cupid.
  •  a great interest and pleasure in something:his love for footballwe share a love of music
  •  affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one’s behalf.
  •  a formula for ending an affectionate letter:take care, lots of love, Judy

What seems to be missing in my personal humble opinion from this entry is the word:


When we truly love someone, we are willing to sacrifice everything we have for that person.  I can not tell you what my mother has sacrificed for me to be where I am today.  

Not only the mentality I have, but the good work ethic, morals, and what it means to be a good and caring person to sacrifice and give to others.

In all essence to say, "I love you" without the sacrifice for that person seems so superficial. 

Please think of all the sacrifices your mother has made for you not only when telling your mother, "I love you" but also "Happy Mother's Day"

On behalf of myself and all of the contributors to this website, I not only thank each and every mother out there for all of the sacrifices that you've given not only to your children and their friends, but what you've given to the world.  Setting that example, that teaching of what it means to "love."





  1. This is so beautiful. Sacrifice is the meaning of love. People often asked me why... I just say, "because." But the answer is because of love.

    Thanks for a great post!

    1. Thank you so much Karlene for your reply and I hope your studying is coming along just as well as mine is. Happy Mother's Day!!


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