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Your Controls!

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the weekend and are gearing up for the holiday week both for Canada (tomorrow is Canada Day) and the 4th for us here in the US.
Some of you may or may not have noticed over the course of this past week that some changes were made to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, mainly the name of this website.  Yes, I have decided to drop the name "Jeremy's Flight Deck" from this website and just be simply ""

The Flight Deck Is No Longer Mine... It's EVERYONE'S

So.. Here you go... Enjoy!

Yes, you.  You are also the Captains.  The contributors.  
Why?  Because many of you have contributed to this website, not only in articles, but in other areas.. So, calling it my flight deck would be a bit selfish, now wouldn't it?  I want it to be for all of you out there.  There is a world to discover and so much of it.
So there we have it!


Enjoy the holidays everyone!


Flying History Through Safety

If history could fly for a small groupof pilots based out of Farmingdale, Long Island's Republic Airport (FRG/KFRG), it definitely was set in stone on June 23rd, 2013 as the New York Flight Club with Chief Pilot / Award Winning Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Robert Keleti of along with fellow NYFC pilot Natan Hoffmann took not only our team of pilots but those who were in attendance into the skies for the first official meeting of NYFC members.  What made this meeting special was that it was and is extended beyond pilots and the aviation community.  It's made for everyone to come and share their experiences in aviation. 

Not only everyone in attendance took to the skies but to the skies of safety and security as Keleti and Hoffmann  brought on board current EL AL 747 Captain Shemulik E.  Captain E. (we will keep his last name on a first letter basis) not only is currently a 747 Captain with EL AL, but was also was the Chief Pilot for the 757/67 fleet.  Before…

Party Time!


Who has a birthday today?
I already know who it is, so I will start out by wishing this pilot extraordinaire, fellow blogger, and friend
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  and many, many more,  Cap'n!

Here's your cake:


Father's Day 2013

Every year we celebrate a specific day or holiday for some aspect of life that we emphasize on that day.  For instance, Thanksgiving, we celebrate everything that we are thankful for in life.  Valentine's Day, for those we love and admire.  Mother's Day, to show appreciation for what our mother's do for us and how much they love us.
Don't get me wrong, we need these days.  But shouldn't every day be Thanksgiving - a day of giving thanks?  Valentine's Day?  A day for giving extra special love to those we admire?  Or Mother's Day, to show those moms who make those sacrifices for us?
When my father was alive, I obviously celebrated Father's Day on a yearly basis with him.. However I felt that I was missing a spark.  Perhaps, it was the fact that I unintentionally took his presence on this Earth for granted, that nothing would ever happen to him.  As of December 23rd, 2011, when he left this Earth, I began to celebrate Father's Day not only every year in …

Storming Through Your iPad

by Jeremy Carlisle Publisher
What do you get when awesome pilots of awesome planes are grounded due to thunderstorms and are sitting around playing with iPads?

Nadia Marcinko a.k.a. "Gulfstream Girl" teamed up with Charles Schneider, CEO of to give a very informative seminar on MyGoFlight's new applications for iPad at the Nassau Flyers Flight School at Long Island's Republic Airport (FRG/KFRG) this past Thursday night.  
Fellow pilot at New York Flight Club, Natan Hoffmann and I attended the seminar last night and were able to sample the many applications and products of this company and how to apply them to smooth out, if not, clean up flight deck operations.  To make them all the more efficient and ensure safety even under the most averse conditions...  Not only that, but to network and connect flights with the other awesome and experienced pilots that were in attendance.
To show our gratitude for this amazing night, we present to you this week's


She's Like The Wind

The answer to last week's TUESDAY TRIVIA:
Who is she?

To answer the second part of that trivia question:

During her employment with British Airways, Barbara was one out of the 40 female pilots employed at the time to be qualified to fly the SuperSonic Transport (SST): Concorde.  Even though she started out as a hairdresser before finding her new life in aviation, she landed a position at London's Gatwick Airport as a controller.  How did she get there?  Leaving the beauty profession as a hairdresser to attend ATC school and graduating six years after.

Why the career change?

This is a question I would haveloved to ask her but I will say that it took a special person such as herself to show the world what it means to soar the skies at record speeds with one of the world's most amazing aircraft.  What is also most amazing about Barbara is that she taught herself British Law, Constitutional Law, and Geography in order to study for the 'A' Levels which she …

TENNIS: A Pilot's Sport

Firstly, I want to thank those of you who participated in the Tuesday Trivia the week before last.  Thank you for those of you who responded on this site along with those who contacted me personally.  
OUR LAST TUESDAY TRIVIA QUESTION (click link above to view)

The Answer:


Réunion born Roland Garros studied at theHEC Paris before starting his aviation career in 1909 with a Alberto Santos-Dumont Demoiselle monoplane, however, by 1913 he transferred over to the Morane-Saulnier monoplane.  With this, he flew a record flight across the Mediteranean (Fréjus, France to Bizerte, Tunisia.)  World War I broke out and came his life as a fighter pilot.  "Gun control" was an issue in the Saulnier Type L and Garros visited the Morane-Saulnier factory to figure out a way to effectively attach metal deflectors on the end of propeller blades for his aircraft.  And that.. he successfully accomplished. 
After managing to escape a German POW camp on Valentine's Day 19…

Back To Life with AFR447

The past week's FRIDAY FOTO was in memory of Air France flight 447.  Origin Rio de Janeiro.  Destination Paris-DeGaulle.
It was an Airbus A330 which it and those inside met their tragic ending on the night of May 31/June 1st, 2009, roughly 400 miles off the NE Brazilian coastline (near waypoint "TASIL") when it entered a high altitude stall due to one of the pitot tubes icing up passing through an intense thunderstorm.  Pilots lost automation and the rest is history due to many factors.
Without going into logistics with flight operations on deck that night, (I prefer to leave it to theexperts), I want to focus on the positive for a bit as a good friend of mine from South America, Patrice Ruel Salonikio, sent me some photos after having read that Friday Foto post. He wanted to share his photo journalism with us as he was traveled on the same plane that crashed that unthinkable night, F-GZCP, back on September 10, 2006.
Thank you Patrice for sending me these photos and I will…