Back To Life with AFR447

The past week's FRIDAY FOTO was in memory of Air France flight 447.  Origin Rio de Janeiro.  Destination Paris-DeGaulle.

It was an Airbus A330 which it and those inside met their tragic ending on the night of May 31/June 1st, 2009, roughly 400 miles off the NE Brazilian coastline (near waypoint "TASIL") when it entered a high altitude stall due to one of the pitot tubes icing up passing through an intense thunderstorm.  Pilots lost automation and the rest is history due to many factors.

Without going into logistics with flight operations on deck that night, (I prefer to leave it to the experts), I want to focus on the positive for a bit as a good friend of mine from South America, Patrice Ruel Salonikio, sent me some photos after having read that Friday Foto post. He wanted to share his photo journalism with us as he was traveled on the same plane that crashed that unthinkable night, F-GZCP, back on September 10, 2006.

Thank you Patrice for sending me these photos and I will let him take it away with this Sunday morning's photo journalism:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!



  1. Thanks for sharing these photos with us Jeremy. So sad to think that one day it's here, the next it's not. In memory of all.

    1. In this world we have life and abundance of many other things. We should never take anything for granted as it will be gone within mere seconds. Yes, for those lives lost we shall remember.


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