Father's Day 2013

Every year we celebrate a specific day or holiday for some aspect of life that we emphasize on that day.  For instance, Thanksgiving, we celebrate everything that we are thankful for in life.  Valentine's Day, for those we love and admire.  Mother's Day, to show appreciation for what our mother's do for us and how much they love us.

Don't get me wrong, we need these days.  But shouldn't every day be Thanksgiving - a day of giving thanks?  Valentine's Day?  A day for giving extra special love to those we admire?  Or Mother's Day, to show those moms who make those sacrifices for us?

When my father was alive, I obviously celebrated Father's Day on a yearly basis with him.. However I felt that I was missing a spark.  Perhaps, it was the fact that I unintentionally took his presence on this Earth for granted, that nothing would ever happen to him.  As of December 23rd, 2011, when he left this Earth, I began to celebrate Father's Day not only every year in June, but every day of my life - and more intense than when he was here, even if it was only for a few minutes.

With that being said, those special days mentioned above are necessary as they teach us  an important lesson - even though we have thanks, love, and many other attributes in our daily lives, we should never take them for granted until that person is gone.

All we need is that one special day to realize that we will not be here forever and need to have that extra special celebration to remind us that life can never be taken for granted.  Fathers are special examples of life and are the guides we need, especially in our youths to help direct us.

They are the ones who help feed our passions.

Such as..  

B-17 "Yankee Lady"

Show us the world in every direction...

And help provide us with everything we need to be successful in life.
WTC Tower #3 "Freedom Tower"

Hadn't it been for my father, I wouldn't have made it to NYC, to start my life anew and start flight school.

Father's not only help bring you into the world, but also help bring the world to you..

Sunrise over Long Island this morning




  1. Jeremy, This is so beautiful. Yes, a reminder of what might not be there. Amazing that we need a day to remember that...but we do. I hope that this day and all that follow are special for you.

  2. Karlene, I also hope you had a great Father's Day weekend. Father's Day is a great way to open up the summer as well. Speaking of summer, I hope you had a great vacation / road trip!


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