Storming Through Your iPad

by Jeremy Carlisle

What do you get when awesome pilots of awesome planes are grounded due to thunderstorms and are sitting around playing with iPads? 

Nadia Marcinko a.k.a. "Gulfstream Girl" teamed up with Charles Schneider, CEO of to give a very informative seminar on MyGoFlight's new applications for iPad at the Nassau Flyers Flight School at Long Island's Republic Airport (FRG/KFRG) this past Thursday night.  

Fellow pilot at New York Flight Club, Natan Hoffmann and I attended the seminar last night and were able to sample the many applications and products of this company and how to apply them to smooth out, if not, clean up flight deck operations.  To make them all the more efficient and ensure safety even under the most averse conditions...  Not only that, but to network and connect flights with the other awesome and experienced pilots that were in attendance.

To show our gratitude for this amazing night, we present to you this week's

June 14th, 2013

Courtesty of Nassau Flyers and Gulfstream Girl:

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. O: Is that you in the audience? Wearing your white pilot shirt? I like your glasses. And the post is fab. ;)

  2. Yes it is, Alex.. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and for your complements and comments - they are fab!

  3. What a great evening! So you'll have to tell us if you decide to get any of the apps and why. Nice photos

    1. Karlene, it definitely was - except for the drive back home. It was pouring but the event was well worth the WX! I definitely will let everyone know which apps and do a write up review on them. Thank you for stopping by and your comment/complement!


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