Your Controls!

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the weekend and are gearing up for the holiday week both for Canada (tomorrow is Canada Day) and the 4th for us here in the US.

Some of you may or may not have noticed over the course of this past week that some changes were made to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, mainly the name of this website.  Yes, I have decided to drop the name "Jeremy's Flight Deck" from this website and just be simply ""

The Flight Deck Is No Longer Mine...

So.. Here you go... Enjoy!

Yes, you.  You are also the Captains.  The contributors.  

Why?  Because many of you have contributed to this website, not only in articles, but in other areas.. So, calling it my flight deck would be a bit selfish, now wouldn't it?  I want it to be for all of you out there.  There is a world to discover and so much of it.

So there we have it!

Enjoy the holidays everyone!



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