Tuesday Tweeter: @BlainPlanes

By Jeremy Carlisle

During my Grand Rapids, Michigan visit last week, I had the opportunity to take a drive down to nearby Kalamazoo, Michigan to visit the most amazing Air Zoo Museum.  Kalamazoo is also the home of someone I came across on Twitter and who has been a valued follower/supporter.  

Along with my acquaintance with this valued supporter, I didn't realize that over time how much the aviation community has grown substantially in West Michigan, thanks to Western Michigan University (WMU) and the efforts of the person I am about to introduce.  (Also noting the new Aviation High School I saw being installed right next to Ford Airport/GRR shortly before my untimely departure.)  Because of the advancement of the aviation community and also my trip to "The Zoo" this past week, I decided to make Josh Blain this week's TUESDAY TWEETER.

Follow him at

Photo Courtesy of Josh Blain

More about Josh:
Love Aviation, Airlines, and Airplanes. Pilot- CSEL CMEL CSES. Manage social media for AHP and Western Michigan University College of Aviation. AKA: The Flying Nice Jewish Boy.

Thank you Josh for following this website on Twitter.  Your support not only to this site but the greater West Michigan Aviation community is greatly appreciated.  Have an awesome time at OSH13 and I hope to see, if not fly with you, during the next visit to West Michigan very soon! 


  1. Thanks for shouting about Josh! I'm following him too. He's awesome but didn't know he was from Kalamazoo! So glad to hear the community is growing.

  2. Yes, Josh is from Kalamazoo and I didn't realize what my mother was saying before I went for the visit regards to how the aviation community has expanded there. It's definitely a good thing! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Thanks Cap'n for stopping by and taking the time!


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