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"There isn't a letter 'I' in 'T.E.A.M."

Jeremy Carlisle

There is so much truth in this statement.  Ask any pilot that advocates strongly for CRM (Crew Resource Management.)  Having given this topic some thought, I was thinking of how a pilot in training can start to train the brain to develop the methods of teamwork.

As many know beginning flight training in and of itself can be a financial difficulty.  Many apply for scholarships and others take to creativity to discover a way not only to fit the budget, but also develop this mentality, that beginning mind training stage of CRM.

For those who take flight lessons privately and are networked with other flight students of the same instructor, some have developed a method of sharing lessons and/or splitting the costs.  That way one could fly more frequently at a fraction.

So, my question to all of my readers of this post is this:  Are you a student who "time shares" with another classmate?  Has it proven effective for you?  Please feel free to leave a reply below and share your experiences with this topic.

Your input is most appreciated.

"T.E.A.M."work is the most effective way to accomplish any mission anywhere.  This is a thought that carried me overnight into this morning.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Good post about CRM and "Teamwork!" The sooner pilots learn that there's no "i" in "Pilots" (well, point is, in a multicrew cockpit, we have to learn to play ball, and the sooner one starts thinking along these lines, the better s/he'll be at CRM!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Cap'n, I like the no "i" in pilots! Someone actually wanted to be a wise guy and respond to T. E. A. M. with, "but there's 'ME' in TEAM." I didn't accept that as valid as the letters are separated in the spelling and backwards.

    Some people are not athletes be we all need to learn how to play ball no matter where it is. It's a hard thing to come by in a society of self entitlement. But we all must learn it or we are set for failure. Thanks for stopping by and for your great comment!

    1. Haha, your answer is: There is "ME" in TEAM, but it's all BACKWARDS! lol! Sadly, I bsolutely agree about the society of self-entitlement.

      You're welcome, see u around the blogging world! ;-)


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