The Utlimate Search

The day yesterday started out early.  Arriving at Newark at around 11:50, I came to a security line that stretch all the way back to LA and it was barely moving.  Boarding time was 12:15, or at least it said on the pass, but I assured myself that if things didn't pick up, I would be doomed.

To my advatage, an extra line was added near where I was standing and I ran over.  After security I made a mad dash all the way down to my gate to discover that the 757-200 that I was to take was still clearing customs and changing over from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Even though my phone battery was almost dead, I managed by short of a miracle to get an outlet somewhere to charge it to do the photo shoots.

Despite the fact we had a delay getting out to O'Hare..  that didn't mean that the party ceased..

Cheers to you, Daddy!
The perfect inflight beverage..

A timely Chicago landing, was successful minus ten minutes, however, getting into Grand Rapids was a different story.  After a malfunctioning APU and sitting inside a small Regional jet with minimal venting for about an hour in 90 degree weather outside, suffice to say, every passenger on the flight expressed the IATA code for our final destination: GRR.    Once we pushed and got rolling, the taxi was just as long.. Despite this fact, we were airborne and I was ready to be laying on my mother's couch already.  Thank goodness the O'Hare - GRR run is only a 15 minute hop.

Even though I was sitting inside of a cabin that was literally a sauna, I saw my very first sighting of the

Boeing 787

Even though the taxi was enormously long, it was well worth the sights airborne, especially over Lake Michigan.

Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR/KGRR)
I finally made it to spend sometime with former President Ford for what would have been his 100th birthday.  And yes,.. they had a party at GRR about 4 hours before my arrival.

Airline travel, whether as crew or passengers, can be stressful, but you have to learn to appreciate the good - to experience the joy within the stress in order to get through it..

 The joy within the stress, for that is the ultimate search.

Lake Michigan at FL 110

Have a GRReat week!



  1. Oh....many miracles happened. And, I love the dining. My kind of meal! Glad you made your flight, and got your battery charged. Beautiful photos!!!

  2. Thank you so much Karlene! Hope you are also able to recharge your batteries as it sounds like you have an awesome schedule planned for next year!


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