Understanding AF 447

Last month I wrote about two pilots who wanted to share a story that so many are unable to tell.  The voices of one fatal airplane crash which occurred on the late night of May 31st early morning June 1st sending F-GZCP, an Air France Airbus A330 operating as AF 447 into the Atlantic waters hundreds of miles off the northeast coast of Brasil. One of these pilots tells the story through fiction (fiction which mirrors truth) the other through writing a book about the tragedy itself.

I recently received an e-mail and a tweet yesterday from Airbus A330 Captain Bill Palmer about his up and coming book "Understanding Air France 447."  Not only an update but also a website link (below) which is replete with information for every prospective reader to get their eyes and minds on.  This is something you don't want to pass up for sure.

Please also sign up for updates if you haven't done so.

Thank you so much Bill for not only giving us a sneak peak but also for sharing your vast wealth of information on this topic.

Have a great week everyone,



  1. Jeremy, Thanks for all your support! And I'm going to have mine done by August 24th. Oh...and I love the photo! Awesome!

  2. My pleasure as always, Karlene! I really cannot wait for FFS's release!! Well have a promotion explosion. It's gonna be great! Have an awesome 4th weekend!


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