A New Birthday

"Life is too short, but a memory is just the beginning of another.."

Jeremy Carlisle

Today is a day for special celebration.  I do every year on August 7th -  what was my father's birthday - and still is.  (About My Father Cpt. Ronald G. Carlisle) He would have turned 64 years old today, however, I still celebrate the day despite the fact that his life ended at 61.  And there are many reasons to keep celebrating.

Life doesn't end when you leave the Earth.  What you leave behind: your accomplishments, your legacy, and your impact on the world remains for loved ones and others to remember.  

When you leave the Earth, your birthday becomes a new birthday, the birth of many memories that will not last for a short while, but forever.  

Bay City, Michigan

My writings on this website are a reflection of his essence and because of his memory which I celebrate today and everyday.  It is why I chose the name of this website to be "CaptainAboard."

What we do in life to celebrate others carries on and intensifies their memory.  What we do is the best birthday celebration that they could ever ask for.

While my father sailed and navigated the seas as a Captain, I would like to mention three other birthdays for this month of those who currently sail the skies:

Happy Birthday to Cecilie, Ryan, and Alex.  Read more about them here.

Keeping the memories and passions alive.  Forever.


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  2. Thank you for your wishes, Jeremy. I greatly appreciate it. Do have a great August 8. :)

    1. You are very welcome, Ryan. Thank you so much for stopping by and you as well have a great day!

  3. Jeremy, This is so nice! Yes...another happy birthday! And my Mother's is Friday. August is a GREAT month for sure.

    1. Karlene, happy birthday to your mom!! Thank you so much for letting me know and your compliments! Have a great day.. Weekend is almost here.


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