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Jeremy Carlisle

I saw my life flash before my very eyes last Thursday night.  I was a block away from my house and I had the white walk sign on and checked for traffic.  The road was clear and I proceeded to cross the four lane street.  Little did I know that within split seconds I looked up and a car was near feet from hitting me head on.  The moment was so quick, all I could think was "JUMP!"  I did.. missing the speeding car by an inch.  The driver never applied brakes.  Panic and anger flew through me because I had enough time to see what was going on inside the car.

It was someone, on their cell phone, too busy to pay attention that they had just ran a red light and almost killed a crossing pedestrian - me.


A few years ago, the same thing happened although the victim wasn't as lucky as I.  I was on my way to work, and was on the corner of a major intersection in the neighborhood where I live - about 10 blocks where I was almost struck.  A bus had stopped and there was a red light for him.  He had just let a pedestrian off - a senior gentleman - who had the light to cross the street in front of the bus.  Little to this gentleman's knowledge, a speeding driver, also on his cell phone, was racing down the street parallel to the bus and perpendicular to the elderly gentleman who de-boarded the city bus.  Even though the speeding driver didn't see the gentleman about to walk out in his path from in front of the bus, he also wasn't paying attention to the fact he had a red light. 

The speeding driver ran the red light. 

The pedestrian  was struck head-on with so much force that with my own naked eyes, I saw the elderly pedestrian spin through the air with masses of blood streaming out of his body.  I was so  unable to move, less alone breathe - traumatized, as I am sure the other witnesses, that I couldn't seeing myself going into work.  I decided to go in late that day.

Last Thursday night, I couldn't stop thinking about that one day on my way to work, "That could've been me tonight."

Unfortunately, whenever I am driving as well, I see people at stop signs that turn green still texting on their phones and not paying attention.  Or better yet, in the passing lane going half the speed limit until they see someone passing them from the right hand side.  They see it and realize that they are supposed to be driving rather than texting so the speed up and try to pass the person passing them.  You have to wonder, is the person seeping into my lane texting?  Or the person who just pulled right out in front of me (having just ran a red light?)


And see the letter he received from Martin.
(Skip to 06:45 - although if you have the time, I encourage you to watch the whole video)

Chandler was driving and all it took was to text three words, "I love you" to change his life forever and to spread the message that no text or phone call is worth it.

What will you do to minimize your cellphone use while driving?  How will you help save lives of other drivers and pedestrians?

Take the pledge not to text/call while driving:


My message to the driver last Thursday night,

What was so important that you ran a light and almost struck another pedestrian?  What was so important that needed to be told that caused you to loose attention and potentially end another person's life?  (I have so many more questions to ask this driver but they will remain for me to know and left unsolved...)

A transport pilot takes an oath that every passenger they fly is to be treated like their own flesh and blood.  In Flight For Control, Kat(thryn) told her husband who was a pilot flying hundreds in a 757 going down over Seattle that their daughters were on board - to keep that jetstream of safety and the meaning of life and lives of others going through his mind.  Every pilot has an obligation to safety.  Because of this, we have the NTSB and the FAA.  

Driving should be just as heavily regulated in safety as aviation.  I can't stress this enough.  Don't wait to be a victim to educate yourself or others what a danger cellphone driving usage is.

Be The Captain Aboard 
(Especially at the front wheel.)


  1. Jeremy, all I can say is that it was an "almost"!!! How scary. Thank you for posting this! A reminder we must all follow!

    1. It was scary... I couldn't sleep that night and it was a post I had to write. All we can do is spread the word.


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