Despite the fact I have given my contributions to this site a break,  I feel compelled to write this evening about my day today.  It was a truly unorthodox day as usually my days are filled with unnecessary stress but today, for some reason, was tranquil despite the business of it. 

Something, towards the end happened though which in my mind thought would transpire into a stressful situation taking the day spiraling down. 

Someone came to the front entrance of where I work looking for a job.  Because of the way this person addressed it,  I was at that time unable to handle the situation.   Something inside of me though told me to patiently assess her situation and to avail, was not only able to assist her inquiry but in return she offered something in return which is wasn't expecting. 

I patiently escorted her as I was leaving from work and she proceeded to take our dialogue on many tangents.  But one of those tangents gave a new light:

Relationships with people of substantially younger /older ages. 

A category I fall into for sure. 

Being that I've always pondered this question of why I don't have friends my own age,  she guided me as to why I don't:


And to give me an ego boost,  her answer to me was that the reason why I have friends who are more than 10 years younger is the fact that I look and have a youthful personality yet at the same time can benefit the younger friends as it gives them something in their life: perspective of what it means to be older while retaining their youth. 

© 2013 

It all seems so abstract, however, imagine going through a conversion course for a new type rating.. Perhaps to a heavy jet.  Or more so being a rookie member of flight deck crew that can add new perspectives to the veterans make a successful flight (just as much as if the roles were reversed?) 

We come from different shoe sizes and personalities but that doesn't mean that we don't have something to offer each other to help make each other better people. 

Be thankful for the younger or older friends in your life no matter how turbulent times can be.  The resistance (wing flex) is proof of the relationship's strength and meaning. 



  1. Jeremy, I love this post. I've grown to have new friends in that previous two years, that are quite a bit younger than I. And my kids age! (and younger) My husband, who is 21 years older, apparently goes on this philosophy too.

    But, as I thought about this many months ago, I realized from the old person having young friends, it's because these people are hope, future, energy and have an outlook of positive... versus many of my contemporaries that are negative as to how life has treated them.

    I so much want to engage in conversation of what we can be and doing... and not living in how life harmed them. So... I say thank you to all the young people that can make me smile.

    Oh...and my very favorite people are my grandkids. Seriously... I love talking to children. They seriously are my favorite people, and so much fun.

    Thank you for a GREAT post!!

  2. Karlene, you hit the nail right on the head. It seems the older crowd reflects and not the other way around. Even on the negative side of reflecting, it is quite unhealthy to keep that positive attitude going. Yes, attitude is everything (just like the mug).

    I must say that I also love kids because not only do they say that darndest things, they also are the fountains of youth spreading their waters to everyone..

    Thank you so much for your awesome comment and let's keep spreading the hope, future, and energy all around!


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