Tuesday Tweeter: @AirlineFlyer

Jeremy Carlisle

Throughout the vast social network, you come across people who you never knew who were literally at your back door.  This week's Tweeter is someone who is just that, located right near our satellite location in the Five Towns area of Long Island, NY.  He is also at the back door of one of the world's busiest airports: New York's very own John F. Kennedy International (JFK/KJFK).  It does have its perks especially for the aviation enthusiast like us.

Not only is he an aviation enthusiast, he is also an aviation journalist that looks to inform travelers of the best passenger experience possible.  Jason is Associate Editor for NYCAviation.com and also writes for other sites such as AirlineReporter.com, Airchive.com, and AviationWeek.com on a freelance basis.  Having traveled across the world from New York to Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and even Fiji, Jason has broadened so many horizons with not only his writings but abundance of breathtaking photos.

Let's see more about our


Jason can also be found on both YouTube and Instagram.  Please also take the time to check out and watch #TravelCat)

Jason - 
Thank you so much for coming on board this week!  Hopefully I will see you around sometime spotting 4/22 action at North Woodmere Park.

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Have a great week! 


  1. Whoo Hoo! I'm following Jason! He's awesome. Just like you!

  2. Ahhh, thank you so much Karlene! Have a great and relaxing day!


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