Tuesday Tweeter: @747Captain

Jeremy Carlisle

During my many visits over to Kennedy's Terminal 7 ("mini-Heathrow"), I always think of the person who I am about to introduce as this week's Tuesday Tweeter.  He comes to us from the south shores of the UK.  He is not only a computer programmer but also an avid photographer.  He has taken some of the most breathtaking photos, especially the HDR shots of his recent trip to Seattle and the west coast.  He also enjoys spending summers with his family in the Adirondack region of upstate New York.  Most importantly, to say that he is an avid avgeek would be an understatement.

Please meet 
Tuesday Tweeter

"As Real As It Gets"

I came to meet Mike on Facebook a few years back through a network of online flight simulator enthusiasts.  Throughout this time, Mike helped me enhance my flight sim experience by showing what a purist/realist  can do to make my flight sim sessions as realistic as possible through professional add-on software.  Mike not only introduced me to the PSS 777 Professional add-on, but was also the one who initially trained me with the program.  For taking the time out of his busy schedule, I am greatful.

Throughout our network of enthusiasts, we shared photos always looking for new destinations to take to the virtual skies on a wide selection of aircraft.  (Our preferences were for a good portion of the time be to and out of JFK or the UK.)

I thank Mike and our network of enthusiasts for taking the time out to help each other share our love for the (virtual) aviation world.

Please follow Mike on Twitter and make sure to follow his Flickr account to see his current photographic work.  You won't be sorry.


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