A Special Holiday Wish

I was sitting in one the cafes at Dublin Airport's Terminal 2 after being bumped off a flight back to JFK and was nursing a coffee figuring out how I was going to play out the adventures to my extra day in the Emerald Isle.  Hoping to make it on the next day's flight (and I did.)

Little did I expect the reason why I was delayed a day was to witness two businessmen to come and plant themselves at the table next to the coffee bar where I was sitting.  I couldn't help to overhear the contents of their conversation which began with"What brings you to Dublin?"  "What experience do you have with..."  

It was an interview.

Not only an interview, but little did I know it was one of Aer Lingus' chief pilots interviewing an applicant for an A320 position.  Once I got the flow of the interview, my ears were superglue because I knew well that I would be in for the same experience once I go to the airlines.  

This conversation took me back to a post which was written last week.  This post is in response to a piece where Karlene Petitt was asked to answer the question:  "What I want for Christmas"  Not just Christmas, but Aviation Christmas.  Her respose, included the following mention:

"I want Jeremy to win the lottery so he can work less and fly more, and get his ratings and flight time."

  - See more at: What I want for "Aviation" Christmas by Karlene Petitt

So here is my special holiday wish to a very special pilot: Karlene -

  • 1) That "Flight For Safety" finishes real soon and that it hits the market with a huge success rate.  Not only this novel but all of the novels in the "Flight For/To" series both published and in the works.
  • 2) That "Flight For Control" becomes a major motion picture and is shown internationally.
  • 3) Obtain her Ph.D in Aviation Safety from ERAU
  • 4) Captain Upgrade within her air company.  (I am thinking 747-400)
  • 5) To check out on the 77L, 787, and A350

So that when these things come into fruition, I will have my flight time and ratings so that 

  • 6) Karlene can train, if not check me out on these aircraft so that we may fly together.


Karlene, I look forward to flying with you someday having you as my captain on the 777, 787, and A350.



  1. Jeremy, it would be my greatest joy to be an instructor and check you out on one of our planes! Let's just make it happen. Nothing is impossible. We can do this!!! Thank you so much for your wishes for me. I'm going to do my best to make them all come true!! http://tinyurl.com/k5sxn53

  2. Yes, we will make it happen and we will do this - One step at a time!!


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