Birth of a Dream

Cruising down the coast of the Outter Banks of North Carolina during my residency there was only a distant memory in my life. Looking at that mound near Kitty Hawk didn't make me realize what really happened there 110 years ago as of yesterday.  It's hard to believe that 110 years ago, Orville and Wilbur Wright took their first flight which changed the world as we see it today.  The truth of the matter is passing, the mound that rests at Kitty Hawk is a memory that lives within us all every day.  

To think of the paramount growth that has accumulated since then in the aviation world, well... all we have to do is take a look at the modern aircraft that we have today in the skies: General Aviation, Military Aviation, and Commercial Aviation.  

The people and companies who were inspired to develop these flying machines.  If they were alive today, they would be amazed to see where their invention has carried out and the impact it has made to the way the world connects.

Not only that, but to take this to another spectrum, when the Wright Brothers made that first flight, not only was it the birth of aviation, but it was also the birth of the dream that carries within millions of people on this Earth both who have lived, are alive, and those who have yet to be born - who wish to fly.  Not only fly, but also to be apart of this dream: to be pilots.  To relive that day that they first set to the sky, no matter at what altitude.  They may have not reached the altitude in which our modern day commercial and military aircraft can, but their ambitions soared outside of this universe.

They have left a legacy to show the world how they took their true potential to maximum throttle.  Through this and other influential aviators throughout history, have shown what this world's potential was, is, and will come to be in the future.

How will you carry out their legacy by taking your potential full throttle?


  1. Great post, Jeremy! And with 1/1/14 we have the 100 year anniversary of the first commercial flight! In other words, in a scant 10 years we went from Wright Bro's to Comm'l aviation!

    And YES, so many of us dream of being pilots...and it is all made possible by that one stupendous event 110 years ago!

    Happy new year my friend!

    1. Absolutely Cap'n Eric! It's amazing how fast commercial aviation came out after it was born. It comes to show us how fast we grow.

      Once we achieve a dream, many more grow from it!! Happy New Year!!!


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