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Last week I had the honour of spending a couple of days with two great and talented friends having had the spur of the moment opportunity to visit the Emerald Isle of Ireland.  A very quick goodbye was only had before heading back to Dublin Airport for the flight back to New York however the huge smile and wave from Eoin as I pulled onto the streets of Cork spoke words.

I must say that I do not have the words to adequately thank these individuals for giving over their willingness, and most of all, their time to take me, although brief, but extensive tour of what wet my appetite to come back for more.

I knew the moment when I interviewed Eoin O'Callaghan that we were destined to meet.  We actually were supposed to meet in New York City, but our schedules didn't match.  Even though I was disappointed as I was anxious to meet him and his now finacee Siobhan, I was also glad at the same time because I wanted to travel the distance and meet him on his own turf - the land where some of my family used to call home.  

More of this trip will be posted on this blogsite in the near future, however, for now, 
I will present to you our two very talented


During the tour of Blarney Castle

Eoin O'Callaghan


Siobhan Oliver

I am already looking forward to the next visit.  Please stay tuned for more about our visit to and mini tour of Ireland.



  1. I am so glad you had a wonderful trip!!! Welcome home...and when you're ready to go back...let me know.

    1. Wonderful is such an understatement.. And thank you, I am glad to be home however, miss Ireland dearly and it's only been a week.. I will most definitely let you know when I am going back so you can come too!


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